A Week Without You

Without You

SNSD was at the airport waiting to board their plane headed to Japan for their Asia tour. Since their flight was chartered, only their members and SM staff were present in the waiting deck.

As such, the deck was almost silent save for the ocassional whispers and the roar of aircraft engines. Such a peaceful setting only served to emphasize Tiffany's thoughts.

 Then, her member's voices cut through the silence.

Yuri: "Yah! Stop spacing out will you? Its only for one week you know, after that you can spend as much time with Wooyoung as you want."

Tiffany :"Huh? What makes you think I'm thinking about him?"

Taeyeon :" Its so obvious. Like a movie"

Yoona with her aegyo: "Unhghhh! I miss ny Wooyoungie!!"

Tiffany: "Yah! Stop being disgusting!!"

That only encouraged Yoona and Sunny to more, leaving her red-faced from embarrasment.

She went to the toilet and locked herself ina  cubicle and called Wooyoung.


2pm dorm

Taecyeon: "Yahhhh!!! Wooyoung! Stop stoning on your bed and help us make dinner!!!

Junsu: "No can do. He's got TDS."

Junho: "What the hell is that?"

Junsu cleared his throat and stood upright :"TDS stands for Tiffany Deprivation Syndrome, a unique form of mental illness that results from lack of physical contact or sight of Tiffany Hwang, the legendary member of SNSD. Continued deprivation will result in depression and the only known cure is to present Tiffany to the patient in person."

Wooyoung :"Yah!! Since when did you become a psychologist!?!?!?!?"

Junho: "You're seriously one lovesick kid! Even Taecyeon isn't that depressed thinking about Yoona."

Wooyoung :"Aish!! Leave me alone will you?"

Junsu: "You're seriously hopeless"

Just then,Wooyoung's phone started vibrating and SNSD's The Boys started playing. Wooyoung rushed to get the phone, beating the others to it. 

Wooyoung: "Hey!!"

T :"Hi! I just wanted to call before I go and tell you that I love you."

W: "I love you too. I'm definitely miss you to death."

T :" Me too"

Taecyeon (background) :" Tiffany, he's already in depression, he'll probably die before you even hi yor third concert stage! hhhahahaha..OWWWWW!! What the hell!! Stop hitting me!!!"

W :"Then shut up!!!"

Junho: "Third concert? More like 1 hour from now!"

Tiffany listened on to the boys bantering away and laughed out loud.

T :"Wooyoung, is that true?"

W :" You really believe what they say?"

Tiffany laughed out loud at that much to Wooyoung's embarrassment.

T :"I have to go now ok? I love you!! yah!! You boys better take care of him when I'm gone ok?"

The boys :"OK!!!!!!!"

After they ended the call. A loud voice screamed at them from below.


The boys instantly stopped teasing Wooyoung and all of them including Wooyoung ran to the kitchen to help.

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