I Just Can't Withstand Your Cuteness

Without You

At the dorm, the girls brought in Wooyoung and Onew so that they could spend time with their girlfriends since everyone had an off-day.

Wooyoung: " I still can't believe that we were given a chance so easily."

Tiffany: "I am really happy that LSM and YG gave us the chance."

Onew:" Hey Wooyoung, thanks to you two, Jessica and I can also stay together. Lunch is on me the next time!"

Wooyoung: "We'll hold you to that."

Just then, a restaurant advertisment was shown on the tv, causing Tiffany and Jessica to squeal.

Jessica: "We so have to try that!!"

Tiffany:" We so should! Wooyoung! Lets go there next time!"

Wooyoung: "Err"

Tiffany and Jessica then went up to their boyfriends and gave them bambi eyes.


Onew, Wooyoung:" With that aegyo you two give us, how cdan we resist your cuteness."

J, T:" Yay!!!"


Sorry, I know its short and a little lame

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