Without You

Tiffany: "No... I'm not breaking up with him."

Just then , JYP entered and Wooyoung threw hi arms around Tiffany.

W: "I know its hard for the two of you to accept us together but I beg you..."

Yoona :"They've been happier together and they still perform well."

Taeyeon :" Please..."

Jessica: "I don't feel there's anything wrong"

LSM :" Very well."

JYP : "I can't accept the two of you yet but perhaps I will after a period of observation."

W, T :" Thank you"

SNSD :" Thank you LSM shii and JYP shii"

LSM :" That probation period goes for you too Jessica."

Jessica: "!!!!!! What!?!?!?"

LSM :" Yes Jessica, I know you and Onew are dating."

Jessica could ponly blush in embarrasment as the rest snickered

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