Short chapter

Without You

Tiffany: "I can't believe that I'm finally meeting your parents."

Wooyoung: "Well, believe it or not... you are. Its time they met you. Speaking of my parents, when am I going to meet yours?"

 "What makes you think they would want to see a wretched soul like you?", replied Tiffany in a playful manner.

W:" Yah! Come here!"

Tiffany laughed as he chased her but of course, she didn't get far before he caught up with her and swung her around.

T: "Ok! Ok! I was just kidding."

W: "Who knew my girlfriend could be so cruel. Of course you were kidding, who wouldn't want to meet me?"

T: "Ego."

Wooyoung just grinned playfully and they continued on to meet his parents.

Unbeknownst to the couple, their earlier act of affection had not gone unoticed.


Hello. I'm finally back to update this story but I suspect that I will be ending it after one this story arc. I thank all of you for patiently waiting for this story to be updated and aI apologize once again. I will probably start on a new story soon. Science fiction fans will be pleased to know that it will be based on the popular and iconic Dune series of books and TV shows. Many different Kpop artists will be featured and will focus on political situations between the different Houses.

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