Sorry It Has To End..... I Was Alive

Without You

Wooyoung got an sms in the morning from Tiffany and his heart immediately lifted....only to fall as he saw the sms. It was plain and simple.... meet me at the park.

After dressing up, he headed to the park as instructed to find Tiffany sitting on a bench, with her head down.

W: "Tiffany...."

Tiffany heard his voice and her heart thumped, knowing that this would be the last time she would see his happy face as her boyfriend. Slowly, she lifted her head to reveal a facee full of tears. Wooyoung was taken aback and started to comfort her.

W: "Tiffany....waht's wrong? Its ok, you can tell me."

T: "Wooyoung.....thank you for always being there for me, after I got together with you..... I became alive, I was happy. But now I must be dead again. Please forgive me, I'm doing this for us and our groups. Goodbye Wooyoung, I wil cherish the times and love I had with you. I will always love you....

With that, a crying Tiffany ran back to her dorm, leaving a stunned Wooyoung at the bench.


Tiffany ran back into her dorm and cried, disregarding the words of her members asking her not to break up with Wooyoung. With that Taeyeon left and went to 2pm's dorm.

Taeyeon: "Wooyoung...the truth is, our manager forced her, so please come to our dorm and convincer her.


back at SNSD's dorm

Tiffany was still crying her eyes out with Yoona and Jessica hugging her. The girls had actually been hiding when Tiffany met Wooyoung and saw the entire debacle.

Y: "Tiffany.... don't cry."

J: "I'm sure we can figure out a way"

Sunny & Yuri : "You don't have to do things like that you know."

Tiffany didn't care...... she was in pain and only the voice her beloved Wooyoung would lift her.... the voice that she would sadly never say those sweet things to her ever again.

A voice called out to her, one that was just honey to her ears and for a brief moment her heart lifted, then was replaced by dread.

Tiffany turned to the sound of the voice to see Wooyoung standing in the doorway.

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