Without You

Tiffany was dressed up in a black dress similar to the one in the Run Devil Run music video and waited anxiously for the appointed time. The other girls were secretly watching her from afar and quitely giggled as they watch her anxiously pacing the living room.

Yuri: " Hi dear!!"

At that Tiffany jumped only to realize it was Yuri and not Wooyoung. All 8 of them laughed hysterically and Tiffany could only turn away in embarrassment.

As she continued pacing about, Yoona and Sunny started mimicking her movements and using aegyo.

Yoona :"Where's my darling....I can't wait for my darling boy."

Sunny: " Hubby is taking me out!!!"

This produced racuous laughter from the rest and Tiffany became even more embarrassed. Just then, the doorbell rang and Tiffany ran to open the door. Wooyoung was standing there with his billion dollar smile.

W: "Shall we?"

T:" Bye girls!!"

Girls:" Byeeeeeeee!!!!"

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