Without You

Wooyoung and Tiffany were headed into the middle of the fair when suddenly he spotted someone familiar.

W: "He looks familiar.... where have I se...

Then it struck him, he was an SM employee and he realized that they were being followed.

W:" Tiffany... we're being followed, we have to go."

T:"Oh ok..."

Wooyoung led Tiffany into a large crowd in an attempt to lose them but to no avail.

T:"Wooyoung.... we have to try something else quickly."

W:" Don't worry.... I had a suspicion this would happen and I've got a backup plan...."

Wooyoung whipped up his handphone and dialled a number.


After the call, Wooyoung and Tiffany continued on through the crowd but the SM men were catching up.

It was clear that the SM employees would be on them within a few seconds ......... until a group of people slammed straight into them through the crowd.

Key:"Yah!! Opps damn..... hey man! I am so sorry we didn't see you guys there!! What are you guys doing out here??

SM Man:" Ah!! Damn!! Where are they?!?!?!"

Minho:"huh?!?!? Who are you talking about?"

SM man: "Why aren't you back in your dorm?"

Onew: "We're out here for some fun and we have permission"

Key:" Duh! What a stupid question to ask."

The SM employees continued to search the fair but by then both Wooyoung and Tiffany were both gone.

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