Without You

Manager:" Tiffany.... the president wants to see you."

Tiffany already knew what the meeting was for, no rocket scientist needed to figure that out. The other girls were already protesting at the treatment Tiffany was about to recieve.

Tiffany:"Its ok girls. I'll be there shortly"

Tiffany travelled to the elevator and found the other 8 girls following her in and was about to protest when Sooyoung cut her off.

Sooyoung: "Forget about it. We're coming and that's final."

Tiffany smiled and nodded her thanks to them.

in the time since her days as a trainee, she had been through all the narrow corridors at the management level and all were so familiar to her. She continued walking on the path she knew by all those years of experience that would lead her to Lee Soo Man's (LSM) office.

There had always been this hallowed feel of the place, but today it was different. The management level gave her a completely different feel. It gave off a sense of something that should be feared and dreaded. Every corridor and sound remained the same as she remembered it, but all culminated to a different feel that had never been given off before.

As she reached the door to LSM's office, she knocked on the door and a gruff familiar voice told her to come in. As Lee Soo Man told her to come in and she entered to see him at his desk, she realized what the feeling the corridors gave off was......All the sights and sounds culminated to this moment and view of Lee Soo Man at his desk......... All she had seen and heard pointed to one word..... Judgment

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