Big Bang with You (Scenarios/One-Shot)


Annyeong Haseyo Everyone!

I'm back again with Big Bang Scenarios! Kekeke. I take requests also. But I don't do rated and , it's awkward and I can't imagine those things. Kekeke.

If you want to request:

1. Subscribe!

2. Comment or PM your request.

3. Don't bash.

4. Be patient.

5. Enjoy~



I have tumblr, scenarios-for-vips. I also post there my scenarios. If you have tumblr, follow me and request! I'll be glad to write your request!

Thank you for -Secret Letters- Graphics Request Shop for the beautiful poster! 

1/10/16: Check out my new scenario! Chapter 28!


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Yumi-chan #1
Chapter 27: your big bang scenarios are so great. Please write more!!
Chapter 18: AWWWW..... sweet ending!!!
Chapter 12: hehehe.. nice!!!
Chapter 11: love it!!!!
taoandtabi #5
more about top pwezs^^
Chapter 26: Aigoo~ so cute~! ^^
Chapter 25: I think _____ let Jiyong off too easily .
stormpower #8
Chapter 21: can you please do something with TOP
Ericalim #9
Can u do more GDRAGON getting jealous and accidentally hurt his girlfren
AieruYo #10
Chapter 24: Can you write something with Daesung please? Anything with Daesung, really... please and thank you ^u^