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Irene's duty is to become Regina. The moment she was born, she was destined to be with the Crown PrinceSeulgi doesn't want to become Regina - all she wanted was her old life back.

A love that is considered taboo, affection that is beyond platonic, and a complicated crown princess candidacy - what will Irene and Seulgi do? What will they choose?

Will Irene sacrifice her duty for a decision she finally made for herself, or will she keep the role given to her but lose her one true desire?

Will Seulgi sacrifice her affection for the sake of the empire, or will she allow her selfish desires take over?

A story about love and friendship between two Regina candidates whose duty is to make their way to become the next Empress of the Empire. 



"If I were a man, will that allow me to stay beside her?

If I weren't born as a woman, will this love reach her?

If I told her I love her, will she love me back?"


~ ~ ~


Season 1 Poster done by: Kurogane Art Studio 

Season Poster 2 soon!

SeulRene "Regina" is now over with Irene and Seulgi's POVs. Epilogue will come next which will conclude the story. However.... I won't be publishing it >:) MWAHAHHAHA make me.
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