I am no Beethoven (ON HOLD)

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Yoo Jeongyeon is a graduating college student who transferred to a city where she’s completely not familiar with. Living with her sister far away from her hometown, she is having a hard time to adapt, and everything else is making her anxious. However, with the help of her new developed friends, she managed to adapt her new life.

As she adjusted to her new environment, Jeongyeon’s nightmare haunted her. Her secret was revealed, worse, her nigtmare became a reality.

Would you go back to the same thing that broke you? In what extent are you willing to sacrifice for the person you love? Can love save a broken body?



WARNING: This story is strictly not for readers under 18 years of age. Subscribing to this story proves that you are above 18 years old.

Trigger Warning : This story is composed of words not pleasing to the ears, (not explicit, only mentioned), and other nesh subjects that might upset the readers.


Disclaimer: Some places, names, events, and personalities of the characters in this story does not represents the idols and places in real life. Things related to reality mentioned in the story is highly coincidential. This is purely made with the author's imagination. 

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So er, this is my very first TWICE fanfic and pls forgive me for the misspelled words and the grammatical errors. Do bare with me. I hope you like this fanfic. (Edit: Yow! I'm low-key promoting my trashy fanfics right now so please, if you have time, you can go check Under My Possession, Wedding Bouquet, Till Death Do us Apart, and Wish I Could Turn Back Time, and The Sea Serpent)


The clattering of kitchen utensils on the table caught the attention of two adults. The source of the rattle came from their blonde daughter whose hands were lying flat on the table. “What do you mean I am transferring to Cheongdam-dong?!” She exclaimed. She gave her parents a sarcastic smile, “Wait, this has to be a joke right? Come on, who is the mastermind? Is it Seoyeon who planned this or was it Seungyeon?”

     “This is not a prank, Jeongyeon. This is serious.” Mr. Yoo replied.

     The smile on the blonde’s face faded. “I cannot believe this is still happening. I don’t want to stay in Cheongdam-dong!”

     Mr. Yoo shook his head form left to right, “I am sorry but I cannot do that, Jeongyeon. You mother and I (and Seungyeon) agreed to have you transferred to Cheongdam-dong and that is final. We also agreed to send you off two days from now, and let you stay with Seungyeon for the time being until the dorms are open for occupation, so depend on her. You wouldn’t have to worry about the dorms since your uncle had taken care of everything. Also, once you have arrived, Seungyeon will hire some bodyguards for you. It will be a bother if the people in the university will notice you as the sister of an actress.”

     Jeongyeon stood up from her chair, “I do not—”

     Mrs. Yoo spat, “We are eating dinner, Jeongyeon. Sit down.”

     Jeongyeon did what her mother had said. She didn’t speak afterwards and played with her dinner instead. Hearing her sudden transfer (without her consent) lost her appetite. Jeongyeon isn’t the type of girl who would reject the food on the table even if she is uncomfortable or mad, but if one will hear a news from their parents about him or her transferring to a place without her consent will eventually lose their will to eat.

     Jeongyeon’s parents noticed their daughter’s reaction. They both stared at each other and then back to their other daughter who was peacefully eating her dinner and leaving the argument to the adults.

     Mrs. Yoo tapped Seoyeon’s knee under the table without Jeongyeon’s notice. She gave her a signal to talk to her sister as to convince her about the transfer. Seoyeon was fighting back not to but their mother won at the end.

     “I don’t think transferring will be bad, Jeongyeon.” Seoyeon said, breaking the silence.

     “Why do you want me to transfer?” Jeongyeon asked, coldly.

     Mr. Yoo replied, “You are a graduating college student, Jeongyeon. We’re training you to be independent, and for that to happen you must be in a new environment surrounded with strangers. Suwon is a nice place but we’re only doing this for your own good. The university that you will be going to is good for your career.”

     “And who knows? A change of phase will help you, Jeongy.” Seoyeon added.

     Jeongyeon lifted her head and faced her sister, “Help me from what?” They all stopped from eating. She noticed everyone’s expression and found her answer. “I got it. There’s no need for you to tell me.”  


     Jeongyeon didn’t let her sister to finish her sentence, “—nor explain.” She spat. “Fine. I will transfer to Cheongdam-dong, so let us end the conversation and enjoy our dinner, okay? And please don’t proceed with the bodyguards. I can handle things on my own. If you guys have something more to add, do tell. Don’t worry, I won’t say anything unnecessary.”

     “Everything is taken care of, and once you arrive to the school they will treat you with great hospitality thus there is no reason for you to be anxious about. Also, they have a good art teacher there, and I thought about assigning her to you to enhance more of your skills.” Mr. Yoo said. Mrs. Yoo was anxious when her husband was saying such sensitive topic to their daughter but she couldn’t do anything but focus on their dinner.

     They are sending me away for that reason? How petty. They think I am not over with that, after years have passed? Even if I am not over with it do they think a change of environment and meeting strangers will do the trick? They are wasting their time.  They are even forcing me to keep in touch with that damn thing. Jeongyeon said to herself. I hate this gift. They will not permit me to stop.


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The sound of feet running the halls caught the attention of students who were still present within the campus. A redhead panted as she leaned on the wall, while a tall girl answered her phone that was ringing. “Hello, Jihyo?” She replied.

     “You still haven’t seen her, Tzuyu?” Jihyo asked with her tone raised.

     Tzuyu replied, “Sorry but we haven’t. We roamed the campus but we couldn’t find her anywhere. Any progress from you and Chaeyoung?”

     “We checked her apartment but no one was answering. The front desk haven’t seen her to enter as well so she wasn’t here.” Jihyo groaned, “Where in the world could that girl be?!”

     The redhead took the phone from Tzuyu, “We haven’t checked the club building. We are heading there after a short breather. All those running will burst our hearts.”

     “Why didn’t you check in the first place?! You girls fully know that she—” Jihyo got cut off when a girl called her attention in the background. “—okay. We received a message from Momo just now. She is in the club building, Dahyun. Tell me if you saw her. We are going back now.”

     Dahyun ended the call and the two girls ran the halls toward a building far from the main building of the campus.

     After turning from corridor to corridor, Dahyun and Tzuyu arrived outside the a four storey building wherein club rooms are assigned. Behind the building is the soon-to-open dorm building.

     “Are you perhaps looking for Nayeon?” A student asked, who was standing outside the club entrance. “She is in the music room.”

     “Thank you!” Dahyun shouted and they ran one more. 

     Tzuyu reached for the music room door knob and opened it with a slam but all they saw was a dark and empty room. “She is not here,” Tzuyu panted. “Where could she be?”

     “This isn’t the only music room within the university, Tzuyu.” Dahyun said, facing the stairs to the fourth floor. The stairs was blocked with a yellow line saying “Do Not  Enter: Staff Only”

     “You don’t think?” Dahyun nodded at Tzuyu who was staring at her. “I wouldn’t dare, Dahyun.”

     “So do I, Tzuyu. However, we have to. If it’s Nayeon we are talking about, rules don’t apply to her. She is probably in that dusty room as we all know it.”

     The girls passed the line and went up the stairs. The way was dark, and only the light coming from the lamplights outside passed through the wide window illuminated the steps of the stairs. The fourth floor of the club building was under repair due to leakage of the pipes thus clubs assigned in the area were transferred to the third floor – making the area to be isolated.

     Dahyun’s hands were shaking out of fear that she clung onto Tzuyu’s arm. Despite of disliking people who are clingy, Tzuyu’s fully aware of her friend’s fear thus she let Dahyun to grab her.

     “We have arrived,” Dahyun said. She was about to open the door when a pair of hands landed on the shoulder of the two which made Dahyun to scream.

     The lights which brightened the area – only means that it is 6 in the evening. “Why in the world did you shout? Hello, I am not a ghost.” The person said. “What are you two doing here? Isn’t this place closed?”

     “We’re supposed to be the one who is asking that,” Tzuyu said, helping Dahyun to get up from the floor. “We searched for you in the whole campus and just found out you were in here all along! Jihyo and Chaeyoung went out to find you as well! Can you please refrain from giving us a hard time, Nayeon?”

     Nayeon snapped her fingers, “So that’s the reason why Momo asked where I was!”

     Tzuyu released a sigh, “Jihyo’s been looking everywhere. You have to come with us.”


     “Did you forget?” Dahyun asked. Nayeon shrugged her shoulders. “You parents are arriving from the states today to celebrate the success of your company. Everyone will be there, Nayeon. Your father found out you weren’t in the venue three hours before the party that he had us to look for you. We only have an hour left to prep you up.”

     Find me for what? As their accessory, as someone to play the role of the perfect daughter, or simply just to show off the talent they despised to their guests? Shameless of them to even order my friends to look for me. Nayeon thought. I hate this talent. They will not permit me to play for my own liking—rather, play for my own.

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