Shy Type

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If you were to describe Karina Yu, a lot would say na maganda siya, matangkad, matalino…masungit nga lang. RBF lang ang peg and deadma sa lahat unless friend ka niya. So of course magugulat ka kung makikita mo siyang nakaakbay sa isang freshie on the first day of school.



This is my first Tagalog (and first WinRina) fic and I have to apologize in advance if some of the Tagalog is a bit off. I am writing this with @mycosmos1117 and she helps with the Tagalog. She is also the one who gives me the funniest ideas, the craziest scenarios, and the corniest banats! 

This story is entirely self-indulgent. Gusto lang namin kiligin haha! So yes, fluff all the way tayo! Hopefully, you will find it entertaining kasi planning this story was super fun!

SNBB and Ang Tinder Love Story pushed me to write this story so shout out to those amazing authors!


No scheduled updates as I am a bit slow with writing in Tagalog. Mahirap po. Pero know that we have outlined this whole story and planned the chapters. 

Also, you can follow us on Twitter if you'd like @mychacha_ and @mycosmos1117. We're pretty active there and who knows we might post some spoilers hehehe

We'd also love to see your reactions so you can use the tag #ShyTypeAU :* 


Thank you in advance for reading!


- Cha 

KK and Win are featured!

Thank you guys so much for reading this story.

Will try to get ch 45 out soon :)
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