The Probable Psycho Childhood Friend and The Sure-ball Tease Best Friend

A Tease for A Tease
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“So basically, Sooyoung is obsessed with you, that’s why she joined—AW!” Seulgi hasn’t even finished her confirmation when Joohyun smacked her head hard.

Well, Joohyun knows angel Seungwan won’t do that, so she did on her stead. “It’s not good to backstab someone, Seulgi-yah.”

“I just wanted to confirm if I got Seungwan’s story correct!” Seulgi retorted, her both hands still holding her hurting head.

Seungwan chuckled. “Obsessed is too much, maybe the better term is clingy.”

“Believe me Wan, I know the term clingy better than anyone here.” Seulgi’s ever-teasing eyes landed on Joohyun as usual which earned an eyeroll from her. “So that’s not clingy, that’s obsession.”

Seungwan just shared to them her memories with Sooyoung. Apparently, Seungwan befriended the outcasted “giant”, as their bully classmates refer her as to, during their Kindergarten 1 years. The teachers and adults loved her for her talent—being a piano prodigy at a young age and all. And that love for her earned her hatred from the kids her age so they outcasted her.

One day, Seungwan sneaked her way during recess back to the music room. To her horror, the cajon was placed on top of the shelf and even with her on a chair, she can’t reach it. Cute little Seungwan frowned and groaned, remembering how she was caught by her teacher playing with it yesterday and most probably reported it to her parents who were against for her to play any musical instruments unless it’s a classical one. That’s probably why it was placed up so high so she can’t play with it anymore. She pouted and was about to give it up when a chair suddenly appeared beside her. She looked up and saw Park Sooyoung—the giant, as her other classmates refer her to, standing on top of it and reaching for the cajon with ease and brought it down with her and placed it down on the floor, in front of Seungwan.

“I saw you playing it yesterday with the teacher. You have potential, Seungwan-unnie.” Sooyoung said with a snobbish expression on her face.

But even with that kind of expression, Seungwan perked up and blushed and beamed widely. She had been hearing how her classmates make fun of Sooyoung but with this encounter, Seungwan was convinced that their other classmates were clearly wrong, and that this giant, is a gentle giant. “Thanks Sooyoungie!” She cheerfully said then proceeded sitting on the cajon then looked up again. “Do you want to play with me with your piano? I’m not on par with you definitely but we can try some duets!”

It’s now Sooyoung’s turn to perk up. No one has ever played with her with anything, most especially not with her piano skills. She beamed and almost run towards the grand piano placed on the corner of the room. She shifted on her seat as she watched the excited Seungwan drag the cajon box with all her might to place it beside where Sooyoung was seated. Once the shorter girl was okay with her position, Sooyoung looked at her and smiled as her fingers started to dance smoothly on the piano tiles, dropping a cheerful and jazzy melody. Both their heads bobbed to the beat as they looked at each other with smiles, Seungwan studying the melody with finger snaps first then finally dropped some medium beats.

Sooyoung was amazed, Seungwan really do have potential. The melody on her piano fits perfectly well with how Seungwan beats and they created amazing music. This was the first time Sooyoung actually enjoyed being at school.

Seungwan thought the same. It was the first time that she enjoyed doing something at school because she wasn’t allowed to play the instrument she fell in love with. So it was fun to have someone she can play it with without getting reprimanded.

And because of that bond they established over music, Sooyoung grew very attached to her, claiming Seungwan to be her best unnie. Seungwan did too, preferring to spend time with her instead of her initial friends.

Their friendship only lasted for 2 years however, due to Seungwan flying to Canada. She can even remember (now, after Joohyun’s chop) how Sooyoung wailed like a dying tall walrus upon knowing that and upon bidding her goodbye at the airport, even making her promise to—

“Promise to what?” Joohyun and Seulgi asked when Seungwan stopped with her narration.

Seungwan pursed her lips shyly before continuing. “To marry her when we’re older and once I get back here in Korea.”

“Heol!” Joohyun and Seulgi both uttered in amazement.

“And well, she gifted me drumsticks a week after I settled in Canada, encouraging me to level up and play real drums this time since my parents were in Korea anyways. And

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