Espresso Love

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In Seoul,there is a little cute café named,Espresso Love.The café is being managed by two childhood besties who had never had any feelings toward each other more than Best friends,but what if they change their mind?
Espresso Love

In Seoul, there is a little cute café named, Espresso Love. The café is being managed by two childhood besties, Junmyeon & Misu, who had never had any feelings toward each other more than best friends. What if they begin to change their mind?


There's a reason why BF stands for both boyfriend & best friend,
as they should be one & the same.


This café was the sole witness for the love that blossomed between us.

— 16 years ago
A 10-year-old boy & a 6-year-old were watching starry sky together, lying on the ground that was covered with grass. "Oppa..."


"What will we do when we grow up?"

"Umm~ What do you want to do?" He turned to face the other.

" hot chocolate." The little girl said,innocently.

"Hot chocolate?" The boy thought for a few seconds."But I like cappuccino."

"So?" The girl turned to him.

"Let's open up a café." He sat up."What do you say Su-ya?"


"Yes, a place that we can sell hot chocolate & cappuccino."

The girl giggled and sat up. "Fine oppa." She suddenly gasped. "Bu-but what if I burn my hand?"

The elder held her hand in his. "I will take care of you... I promise. I will never leave you. I will stay by your side forever. Ok Misu?"

"Umm..." She nodded. "Ok. Pinky promise?" She held her pinky toward him. The boy smiled and put his pinky around hers.

"Pinky promise. Forever & after."


Kim Junmyeon
A 26-year-old boy who is stupid in topics related to love and is confused about his recent feelings.
"Why does this heart start racing whenever she calls me oppa?"


Park Misu
A 22-year-old girl who is too shy to express her real feelings.
"He has studied math for God's sake! Can't he undrestand? Is he stupid?"


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Tender Love
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🞂 EXO - Tender Love
🞂 Jeong Hyo Bean - I'm A Woman,Too.
🞂 Twice - Signal
🞂 BTS - Boy With Luv (ft.Halsey)

Paring : Kim Junmyeon X Park Misu (OC)
Genres: Rom-Com
Warning: None
Tags: Café!au, Bestfriendstolovers!au
Inspiration: EXO's universe MV's concept + my friends mentioned below.

"Don't kiss in public! Love is blind, people are not!"

Author's Note
Hello there! Most of you know me and are aware of my nickname which is Misu. Then why am I using this for the OC? Because 1.I'm tired of searching for a name and 2. This is a special story with certain OCs... yes, there will be more OCs and you'll find them familiar... hahaha :) But! There is no similarity between me & the OC, I simply used my name... 

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With love, Misu ♡

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