Feel Special

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Kim Jummyeon,a med student,was living his normal life in his little world.little did he know that God has planned an extraordinary path for him.
Feel Special


med student,named Kim Junmyeon,was living his normal,though difficult life in his little world.Being born with a silver spoon in his mouth,his parents had control over his each & every step in life.He wanted to decide for his own & have freedom,but little did he know that God has planned an extraordinary path for him.


You make me feel special
No matter how the world brings me down.
Even when hurtful words stab me,
I smile again 'cause you're there.
That's what you do
Again I feel special.
One moment I feel like I’m nothing at all,
Like no one would notice if I were gone,
But then when I hear you calling me...
I feel loved, I feel so special

HIM : Kim Junmyeon





HER : Kim Jisoo

Paring: Kim Junmyeon x Kim Jisoo
Genres: Romance,Drama
Warning: autistic Jisoo,violance
AU(s): medical!au,autism!au,strangerstolovers!au
Feel Special
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 Twice - Feel Special
 EXO - Butterfly Effect
 BlackPink - You Never Know
 Suho - Made In You
 Jisoo - Snow Flower(Cover)
Author's Note


Hello my dear readers!

I'm here with another story! So this time I want to talk about something that I'm not sure if you have good information about...autism.This story is about this topic & is going to be an awareness,maybe it seems sad & be sure,it will be a little.However,You'll also find a beautiful love story with lots of fluff & cute moments! Since More couples are going to be added.(Read tags)

Actually,this story is my favorite,I love all of my works,but this one is my precious work of art...(If I can call it so.)It is so special since it's the result of months of studies & researches.So I'm not a specialist,If you have more information,share with me.You know,I've read a lot of articles,texts & blogs about it so the story would be flawless,but there is always mistakes.The points I'm trying to make is,no plagriarism! & Give lots of love to this story of mine,I've tried hard for it.

What you can do? Share your ideas.You know,a short & simple comment is a potent motivator & upvote is also appreciated.

Enjoy reading,


P.S Reading offlne allowed.

Special Thanks to:
1. My Mother for helping & advising me.
2. SehunnieNuna for the layout.
3.Moon- Walker for the beautiful poster.
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