After Like

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After Like

Choi Dahyun is the cutest at university. So Byun Baekhyun, her best friend, wonders why she doesn't have a boyfriend or at least, doesn't receive any love letters like other girls. He decides to take some action, because his friend is too lonely. Though, the result is going to be way different than what he expects. 

Byun Baekhyun
"You and I. It's more than like. Tell me, what's After Like?"
Choi Dahyun
"No hope, no roses, no notes to read. What if there's no Romeo for me?."
Pairing: Byun Baekhyun x Choi Dahyun (OC)
Genres: Romance, Comedy, fluff
Warning: Too much cuteness
Tag: bfftolovers!au, bff!Baekhyun, university!au
Inspiration: I'VE's After Like and Moonbyul's CITT MV
I'VE - After Like
Twice - Talk That Talk
EXO - Girl X Friend
Black Pink - Ready For Love
Winner - Really Really
Rain - Switch To Me (ft. J.Y.Park)
-Misu says:

Hello, it is me again...

I have a lot to write and no time to do so, but I wanted to write this one. It was one of the plots in my pink notebook and I've's After Like (which my best friend recommended) gave me the courage to publish it. Actually, I want to dedicate this to one of the kindest people around, Nuna. Hope you enjoy it everyone. Please make me happy with your comments.

Do not plagiarize.

Special thanks to moodlamp GFX for the beautiful poster. And Sehunie Nuna for the layout.

[After Like] Only Four days and Baekhyun will return! Enjoy this update!


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Nlnz2016 #1
Chapter 3: Baek will be back ! 😆
31 streak #2
Chapter 3: Aigoooo, Jealous Baek is of an another level 😎
And also, Baekhyun is back in 4 days, soooooo haaaapppyyyyy 😊😊😊😊
31 streak #3
Chapter 2: Awww, I feel sad for Baek 🥺
76 streak #4
Chapter 3: Omg.. really loved this chapter so much.. hehehe.. jealous baekhyun maybe one of the best version ..hahaha.. that made him finally realize and confess his true feelings for her to himself.. also it's rare to find a best friend like dahyun and friends who left the class only for him to support baekhyun from his teacher's unjustified decision.. they really did well.. awww.. it mist have broke baekhyun's heart .. glad cause it'll make him think deeply about her.. uwww... really love the whole gang.. about girl's fight, couldn't stop laughing... also loved their surprise part.. so cute and lovely.. chanyeollie is so cute.. also the rest ..hehehe... glad that junmyeon made a important role as a elder brother or colleague..he helped baekhyun to realize all these things and feelings..uww.. kyungsoo and me also in..hehe.. fighting for mission break up.. oops.. even though seokjin really a gentleman and lovely..they're cute together..but baekdah or dahbaek couple, they're the best together..soulmate maybe.. so curious what will be dahyun's reaction on baekhyun's confession 🤔 👀... really enjoyed reading this chapter..things are getting more and more interesting and tempting..thank you authornim for updating.
76 streak #5
Chapter 2: Feeling so bad for baekhyun... happy for dahyun cause she deserves happiness and someone understanding, caring, supportive and loving but I think that's maybe not that jin guy... baekhyun is already feeling alone and empty.. hope both of them realize their true feelings for each other and confess it... cause they are cute and sweet together...his acting part where he confess... that part was emotional and heartbreaking... will wait to read the development from friends to lovers..loved it authornim.
76 streak #6
Chapter 1: Baekhyun and dahyun's friendship is so cute... aww.. so thoughtful and protective towards his friend.. loved the way things have started... finally she got a date... but someone is maybe a little bit disheartened.. aww...was wondering why didn't baekhyun approach her instead...
76 streak #7
Uww... plot seems so cute already and also excited to read...
777 streak #8
Chapter 2: 💗🌹💗🌹💗

OMG! I loved the flashback as it gave more insight into her friendship with Baekhyun! 👏👍 Bullying is bad on so many levels, but sadly there is a lot of it going on nowadays and it's just horrible. But, Baekhyun was really brave when he stood up to them and defended her! That's what real friends do! 👏👍 And the promise he made to her is just adorable! 👏👍💗😍 And the fact that he is helping her prepare for the first date made me smile! That's like so cute and they are even going shopping! *giggles* Aw, they had a fun time at the mall! 😍 In the end she even thank him and I adore his shy response! 😍💗🥺

Aw, not only did he take her to her date, but he will also drive her home. Giving her advice and tips as well! 💗😍 Seriously, there is no need for yelling, but I get it. *chuckles*

Omg, Kyungsoo hitting him with a pillow was adorable! 😍💗 And funny! 😅😂

As much as he wanted to help, he now regrets it, or so it seems that way to me! I really do hope that he decided to take another step and go after her. By now, Baekhyun understands his own feelings and there is no point in running away!

Thank you for this lovely update! 💗🌹

Chapter 2: Baekhyun is such a good friend looking out for Dahyun all these years!! Jin and Dahyun relationship is blooming quite nicely but now Baekhyun realizes that he’s not the only man in her life and has become a little resentful it seems.. he hasn’t fully grasped his feelings yet, so he’s a bit confused on why he feels the way he does but I think he will come to accept it and fight for her later on 🥺
Great chapter! Thanks for updating!!
777 streak #10
Chapter 1: 💗🌹💗🌹💗

Ah, leaving letters is actually cute! *giggles* It's not always easy to come up to a person and say 'Hey, you. I like you.' It's easier said than done, so I can't blame him for that. Hehe. But I feel that Baekhyun is once again a funny guy and loves to joke! 😍😉

Ah, their time spent together with their friends, sure brings back many memories from my university days. It's always lovely to chat with friends about various topics. 😉 But for them, a lot happened! First, they were talking about relationships and who is with who, until they heard the commotion between Junmyeon and his girl! At first, I was like, what in the world is going on, and then BAM! He proposed to her in the cutest way! *chuckles and claps* 😍😉 Then we have Baekhyun who noticed Dahyun's tear and remembered something.

Baekhyun worries about Dahyun and the fact that no one has asked her out. *chuckles* For starters he can do that. *winks* But I loved kyungsoo reaction! 'I'll call Wannie! She knows what to do. She's an expert in that!' - or something along those lines, but I loved it! Hehe.

The girls have gathered and they are determined to help Dahyun! 😉 Things are about to get interesting! Hehe. And it was time for action! I loved the comparison with Cinderella. XD

WOW! *blinks* I didn't expect their fight, but on the other hand, it tells us more about Baekhyun and probably his feelings.
Not to mention that she was asked on a date!

I loved the chapter. Thank you! 💗🌹