Behind The Mask

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A chaebol's son, Park Chanyeol only wants a normal romantic relationship with this girl named Cha Mari, but what if she isn't that normal?
Behind The Mask

Park Chanyeol. The spolied youngest son of Park Family who always gets what he wants. He got a crush on the new attorney of their law frim, Cha Mari. With the help of his best friend, Do Kyungsoo, he tried to get close to her. Though little did the boys know that Cha family can be more troublesome than they -or the whole city- can handle.

"There come a time when good man must wear mask."
- Johnny Depp



Park Chanyeol
29-year-old attorney who's a son of famous Park family. They own one of the best law frims in Korea, De Novo Group.


Cha Mari
26-year-old rookie attorney at De Novo Law frim, who was born with superpowers which is a secret that no one should find out. 


Do Kyungsoo
29-year-old software engineer, who is childhood friends with Chanyeol. With unconditional hate for superheros.


Cha Yuri
28-year-old attorney at De Novo Group, who has superpowers but doesn't like to use them anymore. She thinks normal humans are ungrateful. 


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Parings: Park Chanyeol x Cha Mari (OC), Do Kyungsoo X Cha Yuri (OC)
Genres: Romance, fantasy, thriller, comedy
Warning: violence, language, TBA
Tags: superhero!au, office romance!au, lawyer!au

Misu's Note
Hello there! Today is January 10th! And this means... it is one of my dear friends' birthday, so as a gift.. I decided to write a short story for her. Happy birthday Teaa! Thank you for always being there for me and supporting me. *cries* hope you'll enjoy your birthday and my story. I wish you health, success and happiness in oyur life. Italy without "ta" hehe ^.^ 

And my dear readers... hope you enjoy this short journey with me too. 

Do not plagiarize! And keep in mind, there is no connection between the attitudes of characters in this story and the real life. I am just using their names. 😊

Reading offline allowed!

Enjoy reading, don't forget to comment!

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Hi there, I noticed the story link on your feed. Although, I did turn up here because Kyungsoo was in the character list, I'm still looking forward to reading the story. Hope to see an update soon ^^
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OMG! Thank you so much, Misu! You really made my day and I am looking forward to this! ILY!
Excited!!! We all need more Chanyeol and kyungsoo fics!! <333
What a great gift to give a friend. Happy Birthday Teaa!
Sounds like an interesting idea and you have Chanyeol and Kyungsoo? Winner, winner!