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About Me

I'm a proud Cassiopeia. I love DB5K (OT5) a lot ♥

But I also support them how they are now.

So I sincerely hope you don't badmouth any of them...

As long as you don't do that, I don't mind whichever fandom you are from ^_^

Feel free to send me a request. I accept all ^-^



Even though I'm not much of a fan of the newbies, I don't hate them. 

Every artist is unique in their own way :)

So never speak bad about any artist whether you like them or not ^^



The Ultimate Group/Band I love:


Royal Pirates



My Ultimate Bias:

Kim Junsu (aka Xiah/Xia)

Kim Sooyoon/EXSY (Royal Pirates' drummer)



My Ultimate OTP 




The only other group who occupied my heart like my Dong Bang Shin Ki (TVXQ/JYJ) boys are "Royal Pirates"

But, they are more of K-Rock than K-POP. And I love these boys to the core ♥

Thanks for reading until here

Love you all ♥♥♥



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