EXO, Let's Love

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Short one-shots featuring EXO memebers inspried by sentences I came across on different sites.


  • #01 Sehun. "You keep that photo of me in your wallet, why?" (exlovers!au, university!au, classmates!au, babysitting!au, fluff)
  •  #02 Minseok. "Hey... don't cry. I'm here and I'll help you. Don't be afraid, ok?" (bfftolovers!au, one nightstand!au, unwantedpregnancy!au, angst, fluff)
  • #03 Kyungsoo. "Stop saying I'm fine when you are not!" (richandpoor!au, mentions of violence, angst)
  • #04 Chanyeol. "Can I braid your hair?" (doctor!au, nurse!au, fluff)
  • #05 Junmyeon. "I'm sorry I didn't notice your new haircut today." (policeofficer!au, workplace romance, fluff)
  • #06 Yixing. "I love you, but sometimes I really want to throw you off a cliff." (mountaineer!au, lovehate relationship, fluff)
  • #07 Baekhyun. "Every morning you kissed my forehead before I leave, why was it my lips today?" (stepsiblings!au, fluff, angst)
  • #08 Jongin. "My heart hurts when I look at you." (cousins!au, one-sidedlove!au, angst)
  • #09 Minseok. "It is against the rules, your own company's rules!" (CEO!au, employee!au, secret relationship, fluff)
  • #10 Baekhyun. "No, it's ok. Just tell me how to find watermelon in the middle of winter." (pregnancy!au, fluff)
  • #11 Junmyeon. "Oh my God! I'm a criminal, I'm a killer! I killed him!" (heir!au, secretary!au, fluff)
  • #12 Sehun. "That was my favorite cup!" (richboy!au, housekeeper!au, olderoc!au, fluff)
  • #13 Kyungsoo. "People think we are dating, and I was thinking... why not?" (actor!au, actress!au, datingrumor!au, fluff)
  • #14 Yixing "Your son is not good at math, but... can I have your number?" (teacher!au, singlemother!au, fluff)
  • #15 Chanyeol. "No one will marry their ideal types, that's a fact." (idol!au, manager!au, fluff)
  • ....

Misu says:

Hello! Today is my 2nd anniversary here, so I thought it would be nice to share this with you! Since I don't have time to update long chapters for my stories... I'll be writing short one shots and I hope you'll like it! Don't forget to comment and, enjoy!

P.S. Jongdae won't be the leading character, but I think he will appear in the stories more than others...

[EXO, Let's Love] The first one shot is here! Sehun X OC!


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Chapter 2: Minseok was really such a good friend. I mean the thing he did, like accepting another's child as his own requires a big heart. It showed how much he loved her. Was a little surprised when he said he had liked her since the first day they met but it explains everything else he did. Also, the father has come around after having his grandchild was a welcome sight as well. Anyway, this story was nice and I had fun reading it ^^
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Chapter 2: 💗🌹💗🌹💗

I loved the whole concept of this chapter! *giggles* He is a true friend, on top of that, he had feelings for her all along, so to agree to be with her and help her, is just adorable! They both deserve happiness and they finally got it! 😍🤗

Thank you! 💗🌹👌

Chapter 2: Yes Happy Minseok Day!! I think that a cute story where he gets to marry the person he loves and becoming a dad, maybe 2x over is just what I needed ❤❤
Chapter 1: This is so good, they made up which is very nice, they could talk things out and understand their mistakes. If Sehun was really sick he would be all alone, at least now hopefully they will trust each other and not repeat the same mistakes.

Thank you for writing this!
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Chapter 1: 🌹💗🌹💗🌹

I loved this one! It is so cute and I could sense the emotions. Ah, sometimes mistakes are made, and sometimes we say things, but in the end, if emotions are still left, we are ready to give it another chance!

It's never too late to talk things out! <3

Thank you!

Chapter 1: It is cute!
Sehun should have talked to her before.
Chapter 1: I am awake past 2a and couldn’t go back to sleep so I pulled up aff and decided to read your one-shot ;D I’m still not tired but I got to read a great short story!!
Sehun and Doyeon are super cute! The amount of denial in that boy could shake the earth 🤣 so glad everything worked out in the end for the two! The ending was super cute! Thank you for writing such a cute Sehun one-shot! :3
Chapter 1: This was rather sweet and shows how not talking can lead to so much misunderstanding!!
I'm glad that BBH is the cousin, that means he is available, right? 😁
Chapter 1: I am sitting behind my screen grinning like an idiot. This was sad yet cute in the same time. I love the fact he wanted to get her back, and made huge effort. I really enjoyed reading your story!! Thank you for making my day!!! <3333
Wow you're giving us presents for your bday here!