Destiny: From a Kisaeng to a Queen

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This is a story of a girl who had a different destiny.
A girl who lost her parents in a very young age.
A girl who chose to become a Kisaeng in order to stay alive.
A girl who never let another man to touch her as a Kisaeng.
A girl who wanted to prove her father's innocence.
A girl who stood againts injustice.
A girl who helped peasants.
A girl who wanted to find her lost sister.
A girl who fell in love with a person she couldn't imagine.
A girl who faced different problems in her life.
A girl who became a Queen from a Kisaeng.


Firstly,for those who don't know,a Kisaeng is a e in late Joseon.Beautiful women who were also talented in dancing,singing & playing different musical instruments.Totally they were for entertainment of high ranking men.most of the times,Kisaengs were from low ranking & slaves.

And second,I have seen maybe more than 100 historical some parts,some small parts may be inspired by them & seem familiar to you.Thanks for reading!

Third,Special thanks to Moon-Walker for the beautiful poster.

Characters (the numbers written are the ages.)

Kim Jisoo: the lost daughter of a noble family,who had become a Kisaeng to stay alive,but hasn't let anyone to touch her.she just sang,danced & played the musical instruments,but also talented in martial arts.26

Kim Junmyeon: the Crown Prince,who didn't want to get married for more power & without love.he'd ruined all the ceremonies which were held to choose a wife for him,because he wanted to choose his wife himself.29

Kim Chaeyoung: the princess,wanted to follow her older brother's opinion.(marry with love,not for power.) has been called Rose by her brother because of her beauty.23

Kim Sehun: the prince,the youngest & kindest.didn't have any eyes on his brother's position,but his mother did.19

Park Chanyeol: a royal consultant,Crown Prince trusted him the most.28

Kim Jennie: Jisoo's best friend & somehow sister in Kisaeng house.24

Lalisa Manoban: Thailand's princess,who came to visit Joseon with his brother for some political reasons.18

King Siwon: the King,a powerful king but not in front of his wife,the Queen.

Im Yoona: the Queen & Sehun's mother,she has been planning different tricks to kill Junmyeon,so that Sehun could be the Crown Prince.

Do Kyungsoo: Junmyeon's best friend & bodyguard.28

Shin Yuna: Junmyeon's spy,worked for Kyungsoo's mother,Taeyeon mama.13

Kim Jongin: prime minister's second son.spent his time at Kisaeng house,Prince Sehun's friend.26

Seo Juhyun: prime minister's wife,as mean as her husband.owner of the Kisaeng house.mostly known as Seohyun.

Im Kyuhyun: the prime minister,Queen's brother.totally a monster.

Beakhyun: prime minister's oldest son,spent time at Kisaeng house,a playboy,wanted to achieve Jisoo.28

Bae Joohyun: prime minister's niece.29

Jimin: prime minister's youngest son.25

Kim Minseok: Jisoo's departed father.he was the prime minister for years.

Im Nayeon: Jisoo's departed mother.

Kim Dahyun: Jisoo's lost sister.24

Kim Jongdae: a simple lonely chef who owned a restaurant,he adopted Dahyun.

Shin Ryujin,Park Jihyo,Yoo Jeongyeon,Kim Minjeong & Yoo Jimin: some other Kisaengs who are Jisoo's friends.

Yerim: Princess's lady in waiting.called Yeri by Chaeyoung.21

Jeon Jungkook: Sehun's bodyguard & closest friend.21

Bambam Manoban: Thailand's Crown Prince,Lalisa's brother.25

Kwon Boa: Queen mother/Queen dowager.

Goo Hara: deceased Queen,Junmyeon & Chaeyoung's mother.

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