He's Beautiful.

Twisted Fate. (Editing)
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Sehun's qoute: Never lose an opportunity of seeing anything beautiful, for beauty is God's handwriting.Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away– He took my breath away The moment I set my eyes on him.
Sehun is 10 and Kai is 11


Sehun hates his life, it's boring without his brother and other father, he thought everything is white and gold until his fathers had a huge fight that resulted in a divorce? Break up? His not sure, all he knows is that his carrier father and twin brother had left them, and moved to another country, while he's left here with his Dad. (Oh donghae) Sehun is unbiased and benevolent he love both his fathers equally and he hates being away from his Papa. He don't know what went wrong, they were happy or at least he thought so, living a perfect life with his fathers and brother.Until couple of weeks ago that everything changes. He loves his brother so much, and he's not sure how his life is going to go on without the other, he's not happy and his father is not happy as well, even at his young age Sehun can tell that his Dad is keeping his sadness at bay for his son's sake. They're rich– no filthy rich to be precise, his father has always been a man of tremendous power, a billionaire due to the line of generation that had developed Ohdae motors. One of the most successful motor company that runs in South Korea. The second biggest company in the whole of South Korea, after Kimsung ( which is owned by some Kim's that Sehun don't really know about) but even with the amount of wealth and luxurious life he's living, it's not enough to fill in the gaping hole in his chest. His father always tell him 'Grind your weapons well son' which thankfully his carrier father told him its meaning 'train yourself well' but even after much training himself to understand and live the life he's faced with, he still missed his Papa and wishes the latter is here with him today.  Today is his first day in his new school, where all the kids from wealthy families go to, his Dad doesn't want him to be tied down to the memories of his brother from his previous school that's why he decided to change a new school for him. he glanced at the surroundings as he clutched tighter on his backpack. With a heavy sigh Sehun, lifting his head and trails after the teacher that is supposed to take him to his new class.
"Class this is Oh Sehun, he's a new student and I want you all to be nice to him" the lady said, but Sehun's head is hung low, unable to look up at his new classmates. "What's his family's name and status?" One of the boys asked. "Oh" the teacher simply supplies. "Oh? The Oh's as in the Oh empire that manufactures Ohdae motors?" Another asked. "Yes he's the son of CEO Oh Donghae. So please stop asking questions and be nice to him already." "Wah! He's rich" the second boy said again in pure amazement. "And beautiful!" A velvety voice catches Sehun's attention, he quickly raised his head to look at the boy that just spoke. His heart almost stopped at the sight of a pretty tanned skin boy, with a button like nose and plump lips, staring at him earnestly. And he literally takes his breath away "He can sit with me, I like him." the boy added and Sehun can hear the sincerity in those words, they stared at each other without breaking their gazes until the class teacher speaks up again. "Very well then, Sehun!" The teacher called  and Sehun turned his attention to look at her "introduce yourself dear". He gave a curt nod before bowing a little to rest of his classmates."I am Oh Sehun, I hope you'll take care of me" he introduced with a small smile, eyes never leaving the tanned skin boy in his front. "Sehun you can seat with Kim Kai, I will see you later at the day to give you the remaining textbooks and explain other necessary things you need to know about our school" the teacher informed pointing a finger towards the tan skinned boy.  Kim Kai  Sehun made a mental note at the name.
  So cute and He's Beautiful. He nods again before making his way towards the boy who keeps smiling at him. “Hi! i’m Kim Kai ” the young boy grinned and extended his hand, his eyes soft as he looked into Sehun's eyes. “H-hi, i’m Oh Sehun,” Sehun said, slipping his hand into Kai's hand in order to shake it. his hand is so large, warm and soft. Sehun thought to himself,   
Kai smiled at him again and gesture for Sehun to seat beside him. "Thank you" he says as he takes his seat next to Kai's.   His heart raced whenever he looked up and saw Kai still staring at him. Then he turned a little and looked at his other classmates who have all their eyes fixed on him as well, Sehun squirms in his seat, feeling uncomfortable from the prying eyes  Kai took a notice and he cleared his throat."Hey relax, you look uncomfortable, are you alright?" He asked placing a soft hand on Sehun's shoulder.  "It's just a little too much for me in this class to get comfy– they're all staring at me like hawks" Sehun says glancing through the class one more time. "Well, that's how it feels at first – I mean being in a new school, but believe me you will get used to it and I will make sure you feel better" Sehun offered a smile and a nod before turning his attention back to the board. The class went on perfectly with Kai helping him out with things, until it was finally time to go home. Sehun throws his backpack on, fixing the straps before standing up from his seat.  "thank you for today Kai" he said with a small bow before turning to leave the class. "Hey wait up" Kai yelled a little when Sehun Is almost by the door.He paused and turn to look at Kai questionably."let's go together" the boy said sending a smile towards Sehun as they walked.
"Sehun… why are you so perfect?” Kai asks randomly, breaking the topic of conversation at hand. “Like, seriously, it’s not fair.” Sehun finds himself chuckling in disbelief, shaking his head, his heart race quickens, beating against his chest in a dangerous manner. For some reason Kai's words affects him and the latter have no idea about it. "You're pretty when you laugh" Kai adds . Sehun's eyes snap back to the other boy and he swears Kai's voice cracked on the word ‘pretty’. He his lips and leans back a bit. “I’m not pretty.”  Kai's face redden as he chuckles “Handsome, then? Whichever you prefer, that’s what you are.” Sehun don't know what to say to that so he offered a small smile after a moment of laughter and he continues to walk down the hallway and Kai immediately trails after him. "So want me to walk you home?" Kai asked "No thanks" Sehun says not stopping to spare Kai a glance not because he doesn't want to but because the boy gives him some weird butterflies in his stomach when ever he does that. "The chauffeur is waiting for me outside, so it won't be necessary to walk me home"  Kai still walked with him side by side as they leave the classrooms premises. "Ah right– I almost forgot you're the prince of Ohdae's empire" Kai tells him with teasing smile. "I am not a prince" Sehun says with a light blush on his cheeks. "Oh believe me you are" "I am not" "You are–" "Young master" the two boys were interrupted by Sehun's chauffeur. "I believe it's time to take you home" he said with a polite bow. Kai gave Sehun a look that says 'i told you you're a prince' but sehun only rolled his eyes before nodding to the chauffeur. "Thanks again Kai, I will see you tomorro
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