A collection of connected Miyeon×Soojin×Shuhua one shots (Well I don't think I can call them one shots anymore can I?). No plot really just cute bits of their domestic life and careers. (I'll think of a better title I promise.)(This whole description has become a lie. The only truth is MiSooShu.)



Our colorful cast:

Cho Miyeon(25): Hardworking CFO at the Cho company by day. Extremely protective clumsy girlfriend by night. Miyeon loves her girlfriends and just wants to make them happy. She often thinks of how much she wants to marry them. Her love language is physical touch so she can almost always be seen with a hand on Soojin or Shuhua. Cutie #4. 

Seo Soojin(24): A dance teacher at a very prestigious performing arts school. She loves her job but sometimes it keeps her to busy. She has a strong maternal instinct and can't wait to have kids of their own. Shy and quiet outside of the home but very loving and caring. She has a bit of a jealous streak but not for the wrong reasons. Her love language is food and looking after her girlfriends when they're sick. y #1

Yeh Shuhua(22): She hasn't actually figured out what to do with her life. As for now she works as a secretary at a realtors office but it's not what she wants. While she knows her girlfriends will support her if she quits and goes back to school she's very scared of being a burden on them. But that brochure for veterinary school is looking pretty tempting. Her love language is light teasing as well as physical touch. She's very clingy and very bratty when she wants to be. Cutie #3 Ducky. 

Haku(2): Cutie #1

Mata(2): Cutie #2

Song Yuqi(22): Best friend to Shuhua who she met in a Korean class when they both moved there. Only friend who speaks Mandarin. Ball of energy. No one but Shuhua knows what she actually does as a job but she likes to come up with different stories. Also Ducky. 

Jeon Soyeon(23): Junior composer rising through the ranks of the Neverland music company. Yuqi's girlfriend. She's trying to learn Mandarin s she thinks it will be romantic but she also wants to understand what her girlfriend and shuhua talk about that they won't tell her. Won't eat veggies. 

Minnie Nicha Yontararak(25): Hairess to a successful company run by her two older twin brothers Mic and Mac. She's a piano prodigy. When forced to get a job by her dad who wants her to at least do something with her life she became a teacher at the same prestigious performaning arts school as Soojin and she's her classroom neighbor. Can be seen at times flirting with Miyeon as she knows how jealous Soojin can be and how clueless Miyeon can be.

Kim Taeyeon(32): Principal and head of the vocal department of SPARK (Seoul Performing Arts - Republic of Korea) A kind and caring dork. Very close with her staff as she doesn't like to think of herself as a boss. Whipped for her wife Tiffany and ready to throw down for her as well. 

Stephanie (Tiffany) Kim Miyeon(32): "Secretry" at SPARK. She's in charge of planning all events. A very outgoing and cheerful American woman. Also very protective and scary. No one wants to be around when "Hellfany" comes out. Pink monster everything that's pink belongs to her. 

Irene Bae Joohyun (30): The nurse of SPARK treats more teachers than she does students. She's a very stern but caring woman. She can be fun and a little crazy when you get to know her but you'd never know til then. 

Kim Yerim(23): Yerim is the co-owner of a successful restaurant chain that serves a variety of takeout options. She is mostly in the office dealing with the behind the scenes stuff while her brother deals with in house stuff. Her girlfriends Joy and Wendy are very overprotective of her. 

Seo Hyoyeon (32): Freelance choreographer friend of Taeyeon and Tiffany. Has a little bit of a betting problem. Gets herself into trouble sometimes because of it. Especially with her ever so practical wife Seo Joohyun. 

Chou Tzuyu (22): Tall doe eyed taiwanese girl from the same hometown as Shuhua. She and Shuhua dated for a few years. She still believes that shuhua cheated on her and is mad about it but maybe they could be friends?

Im Nayeon (26): Social media influencer known by most as her stage name 'Bunny'. She's loud energetic and full of life. A clear opposite to her girlfriend Mina who she's completely and totally whipped for. 

Myoui Mina (25): Future dance teacher at SPARK. Very shy and quiet. Mina is from Japan but came to Korea to visit a friend only to meet Nayeon. She loves to dance and play video games. She occasionally appears on Nayeons YouTube channel. 

Seo Joohyun(30): History teacher and older sister of Soojin. She moved across the country where she met her wife Hyoyeon. Shes stern serious and very protective. But she's also got a mischievous streak to look out for.

Park-Yoon Bomi (28): She is the manager of the Bridal shop and a Taekwondo instructor on the side. She's married to Park-Yoon Chorong a lawyer.  

Jung Eunji (28): Works at the bridal shop. Dating Son Naeun her coworker. Very shy doesn't like to talk much. 

Son Naeun (28): Works part time at the bridal store. She is very forward and straight to the point. Clumsy very clumsy. 

Lee Gahyeon (23): Quiet and sassy. But also very cute. Gahyeon works for the bridal shop her sister in law Bora runs. The perks of which being she's the assistant manager and she doesn't have to put up with anything. Cause Bora is always there to help.

Lee Bora (27): Loud and excitable. Very easy to get along with. She and her wife Siyeon treat Gahyeon like their child. She can be a lot but is very endearing when you get past it. She specially makes dresses. 

Ren Shuyang (12): A very calm and respectful boy from Soojins class. He is willing to give up things to make others happy or do a little extra to help. Especially when it comes to his little sister. Aged down by two years to fit the story better. 

Amber Liu (29): Goofy and energetic future vet. Her androgynous style confuses many but that's fine with her. 

Krystal Jung Soojung(27): A spoiled princess who some would describe as a tsundere. Though she can be very loving to a few select people. But never ever in public.

Ha Sooyoung(25): Tattoo artist owns her own parlor and runs it along with her dork of a best friend she used to date. 

Jung Jinsoul(25): Talented tattoo artist huge dork hopeless romantic. Currently single but looking to fix that. 

Apparently all I needed was a little free time to finish all those chapters I was working on.
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