Misooshu fairy story 2-3 parts will take a while to finish I'm sorry.


Fae: Fairies Brownies Kelpies any such thing

Seelie: Another term for fae 

Unseelie: Dark fae 

Dark fae: Fae with darkness in their hearts

Seelie court: the kingdom of the light fae

Unseelie court: the kingdom of the dark fae

FayWilde: World of the Fae that is separate from the normal world. 


"Once upon a time. Long long ago the humans and the fae lived together. Though they didn't live as long the Fae always took care of and protected the humans. But in order to protect them they sometimes had to give them strict rules." The woman flipped the page and continued reading. "The humans believing the fae only wanted to control them decided to fight. Being the noble race that they were the Fae would not fight back and instead decided to retreat into a world of their own. Though they still cared they were unable to protect the humans as they once had. Eventually the fae became legends and myths. Humans thought them to be stories written to entertain not knowing they still exist and walk among us even to this day." The woman closed the book it's yellowed pages showing it's age. 


The little girl in her lap looked up at her. "Mama what's a fae?" The woman smiled and hugged the little girl closer to her body. "There are many different types of fae my love. Werewolves would be fae. Sirens and Kelpie. Teeny tiny little gnomes. There's many different kinds. Most are good and still protect humans to the best of their abilities while blending into the human world. They are called the light fae. But... There are some who resent humans. They have not gotten over our betrayal centuries ago. They are known as the dark fae." The little girl yawned and snuggled into her mother more. "How do you know so much about them mama?" The woman smiled running her fingers through the little girls hair. "Well honey I met them. My best friend was a fae." The little girl raised an eyebrow. "Don't be silly mama." The woman chuckled softly. "What you don't believe me? It's true. Why don't you believe me huh?" The woman tickled the little girl's stomach as she squiggled around giggling. 

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