Come Back To Us

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"Eomma, where is Appa?" - Kim Jong Soo


"Appa works far way aegi, He will come back soon" - Jung Eunji


This is the same reply each time Jung Eunji say to her son Kim Jong Soo when he asks about his Appa Kim Kibum. Mother Jung Eunji waits for her husband even though she knows he can't come back and son Kim Jong Soo waits for his Appa without knowing that he can't come back.


It is a story of a girl who lost her husband and struggles to get him back when the universe brings him back to her once again. It is about Key and Eunji, purely frictional.
I like Key and Eunji; I enjoyed their episodes in WGM, so I write this story.
Kindly give your support and feedback on this story :) I will give my best, hope you all enjoy this story :)
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