Gdragon Son

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"Mom, I want to go to school it's my last year in my secondary and I'm going to college next year. I want to experience how it feels to go to a normal school. I want to be prepared when I went to University." I whined hugging my mother.

"You are taking an online class next year." She shortly replied. My mother is overprotective of me. I never went out of the house without her beside me. Sigh.

"Dad, please convince mom. I don't want to be homeschooled my whole life.  I want to experience the life of a normal teenager like me." I turned my attention to my father. He is so cool. He is like a friend to me. Overprotective as well but not like mom. He is open-minded, was not as strict as his mom. He would allowed me to go out on my own but mom always stop me. Sigh.

"Love, can you let your son go? He was homeschooled since the beginning can you at least let him experience being normal? He is old enough to protect himself."

"It's dangerous out there. If they know that he is your son they might harm him." I know who is my father before. A mafia boss but it was a long time and we are now living a peaceful, but mom still can't get over it. Sigh. I don't know how many times I sigh every time I talk to my mother. She always thought that something will happen to me every time I stepped out of the safety of our home.

"I'll take your surname. I won't tell, that I'm Gdragon, son. It is fine?" I tried again hoping this time she would let me. Every year I try to convince her to let me go to the normal school but always failed. Even dad can't help me.

"But baby it's very dangerous out there. There's a bully in the school."

"I can stand bullying. It would be fun." 

"It's not fun at all. You can end up hurt?"

"Mom, I'm not a baby anymore. I  can protect myself. I'm seventeen turning eighteen in a few months, and I can fight. You see it yourself. You and Dad taught me different kinds of self-defense. Maybe this time I can put it into use.  Please, mom?" I pleaded and back hug her and kiss her cheek.

"Women will be following you around because of that look. You'll find a girlfriend there and you'll forget your old mother." Dad and I chuckled. I stood in front of her and kiss her cheek.

"You're not old. You'll be mistaken to be only in your twenties. I am right, Dad?" My mom is thirty-six years old but she looks so young and sometimes was mistaken as my sister. I'm not boasting but my mom is very beautiful, and my dad is forty-three years old but the same as Mom he also looks so young, and good-looking which makes mom jealous always. I wondered why she felt jealous when those women who get near Dad couldn't compare their beauty to her.

"Yes, Love your son is right. Who said you are old? My wife is still very beautiful and Young." Dad said standing up and I quickly took a step back when he wraps his arms around her and pressed his lips to her.

"Dad!!! I whined.

"What? Are jealous. Came I'll give you a miss too." He teased and peck mom's lips again."

"I don't want to see that," I whined covering my eyes. I never even have my first kiss, especially a girlfriend. How could I when I was always inside the house? Sigh.

"If you worried about it. I could dress up like a nerd. You know like in Movies. It would be cool."


"Please, Mom." I bite my lips when her shoulder slump down and she let out a sigh anticipating a positive reply.


 "Yes!!! I screamed jumping then carry my mother and spanned her around. She laughs and wrapped her arms around me then kiss my both cheek when I set her down.

"Thank you, Mom, thank you, thank you." I chanted and shower kisses on her face.  My father just chuckled shaking his head.

"What the commotion about?" Uncle Jaejoong asked walking towards us.

"Uncle, I'm going to school." I cheered.

"What? No, you cannot." She snarled. Uncle Jaejoong is as protective as, my mother. God, these twins think the same.

"Mom already said, yes. No taking back." I grinned. 

"Sissy, you know it's very dangerous out there." 

"Jaejoong,  let him be. He is old enough to protect himself. How could he live his life if we lock him inside the house his whole life." Dad said. See dad is cool. I went to him and planted a kiss on his cheek grinning. Yes, guys, I'm very close with my parents. Mom and Dad still treated me as their baby, and I love it. I still cuddled with Dad and Mom and sometimes sleep with them. I love my parents so much. They are the best parent in the whole wide world.




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