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Kim Yoohyeon, a girl with a dream of becoming a singer. Optimistic and with a bright personality. Always have hope in life. 


Kim Minji, a girl with a dream of changing oneself and wanted to be free from her routine life. 


What if the two girls met in an unexpected way and fell in love even if it felt like it  is a crime?


Minji always took care of the entertaintment department of her father’s company. She was a good, obedient daughter of her parents. People are scared of her for the reason that she emits negative vibes everytime she entered the building. Employess never seen her smile nor laugh. And could look daggers on you everytime you met with her eyes. Nobody tempted to talk to her. 


She was always hailed as cold stoic queen because of her aura. 


On the other hand, Kim Yoohyeon is an outgoing person, living a simple life and always greet people even those she didn’t even know. She would always say that life is too short to live a sadden life, so she make most of it. As a child, she would always dream of becoming a singer and a lot of people praise her for this talent. She prefer herself as a biual, because she thought that she could love anyone, not minding the gender. 


She is an angel with a heavenly voice. 


Minji and Yoohyeon live differently. What if they met with each other and change each other’s perspective of life? Will they share same interests with each other ? 


Hello 👋 I updated this chapter on my phone, if my laptop is fixed i will edit some of the errors. I hope you like this chapter 💕


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Chapter 26: that’s okay! take all the time you need! i’m really looking forward to the next chapter even if it’s after a year or something :)
Chapter 26: No problem, author-nim. Take your time. Always take care! 🙂
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Chapter 24: I enjoyed reading your story! Can't wait for the next update 🙂
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I've been waiting for this! Thanks so much for updating~ Hoping for more update soon! I'm deprived of jiyoo fic lmaooo
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Chapter 24: Always happy about a new chapter 😁😊
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