Yooh's Past (Backstory)

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Minji was fidgeting her fingers against her office table, nervous at the thought of confronting Yoohyeon in an abrupt meeting. She specifically called for her for personal reasons. She needed to talk to the silver haired girl first before to her own sister.

It was a wrong move of her to tell the girl a lie, just to obtain her unexplained feelings for her. In that way, she thought that Yoohyeon would stop pursuing her but then it made the situation even worse. She didn't know how to face the girl, will she ever see the cheerful and spakling eyes of Yoohyeon, again ?

Her train of thoughts were interrupted when a person knocked on her office door. She stood up from her seat, waiting for someone to show up. A girl with a wavy silver hair welcomed her with an unamused look. Minji gulped so hard, seeing the expression of the girl.

"Yoohyeon, come in and sit down." Minji instructed and took a cup of water, giving it to the girl but Yoohyeon refused to take it.

"I'm not thirsty. Thank you" Yoohyeon responded coldly which the president noticed at the change of her tone voice.

"What is it that you wanna talk about?" she added, still in her cold tone of voice.

"Uhm, I wanna tell you the truth, Yoohyeon-ah" Minji started, looking down as if words are formed on the floor to guide her in this type of conversation.

Yoohyeon did know what the girl was talking about, it was about the true identity of her bestfriend wherein Minji mistakenly posed her as her sister which truthfully hurted the girl to hear. As time passes by, even for just a little amount of time they knew each other, Yoohyeon could not help but admire the girl, or to say the least, in love with her. So, it hurts to know that Minji only saw her as a sibling not a lover.

But then, she thought it's better this way, she'll flee this town anyways in less than three months in accordance to the deal with her father.

"Look, Minji. I do not know why'd you say that. I am an only child and I am my father's daughter. So it's weird to think that I have a sister. Let alone, you as my sister. And I was just trying to protect you from that bastard. No one deserved that, to be treated like that" Yoohyeon could not hide her disappointment, thinking about that certain event that made her mad.

"Yoohyeon, this is why I called you for. I was in my verge of emotions that I wasn't aware of what came out of my mouth. Truly, I'm so sorry." Minji said, looking at the girl's eyes who somehow softened hearing her words.

"And thank you for standing up for me. I really appreciate it, Yoohyeon" Minji added.

"And I uh made that up.Telling you as my sister where in fact you are not" She trailed her fingers on her notepad, waiting for the girl to respond. She was hoping for the girl to forgive her but she will totally understand if she won't.

She heard Yoohyeon sighed and felt a warm hand on her hands , and when she looked up she saw Yoohyeon's smile again.

"It's alright, Minji. It was a misunderstanding and you apologized. It was enough for me" Yoohyeon patted her hands in comfort.

"And you should tell her, you know. Bora, your sister" Yoohyeon said, surprising the president. Yoohyeon quickly covered as she blurted out the truth that Minji haven't told her.

"What? What did you say?" Minji asked, not believing her ears that Yoohyeon might probably know who's her sister is without telling anyone.

'Did she possibly know Bora's family before she met me? Or someone ordered her to spy on her, pretending to audition in their company' she mentally said.

"Uhm, I said uhm, you know just a thought. Probably it's Bora or Siyeon. Your sister or anybody else." she stammered, hoping the president believed her.

Minji nodded, examining the girl's posture.

"Did you find your sister? I can help, if you need help. I am sure she will be happy to see you, Ms. President. Being away from family her whole life is a saddened truth and I know she will accept you" Yoohyeon asked and stated to atleast divert Minji's attention on her helping her.

'You're being suspicious, Yoohyeon' she thought again.

"No need, Yoohyeon. I already found her" Minji responded with a weak smile. Yoohyeon definitely know who she was referring to but she shut herself, sensing that the president was suspecting her.

"Hmm, I know she will be happy to see you. You will be a great sister, Minji" Yoohyeon softly said, even though she was a bit hurt by the girl's words towards her during the fight. She tried to be as cold but she just couldn't, not in front of this angel.

"I hope that whatever happens between us won't interfere on our work. I really need you, Yoohyeon-ah in this company" Minji said genuinely, holding her hands in assurance. Somehow, Yoohyeon felt guilty, she didn't want to disappoint Minji, but she gotta do what she had to do, in exchange for the truth. It may sound selfish but she thought, in her entire life she did the right thing. Bora's finally gonna have a family who would love her more than the family she had before.

She also came in Minji's office not only she was called in for but she had to tell her truth. Something was holding her back, she badly wanted to help her redeem the company from its own downfall, but she has a limited time. Too little that she was unsure if she can truly help her or can just worsen the situation. The only thing she was sure about is that she will do her best to help the president.

"Well, is that all? I have to go to the shop, if you need anything, M

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