JiYoo's Third Meet Up

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Minji took heavy steps towards the coffee shop where a certain important thing in her life is on that purse. She cannot bear that it will just be gone because of her clumsiness and the attendant’s carelessness. The sky is already on its gray color indicating that it’s getting dark. She is in front of the shop looking for a particular attendant named Yoohyeon. The annoying one. She is irritated just by the thought of the girl but she needs her right now. She needs to find her purse.

She hold the handle of the shop’s door and tried opening it but it seemed to be already closed. She is getting impatient as she kicked the door of the store, and sat against the door, hoping that there’s still a person inside. She inhaled the fresh air and let it out of , glancing the insides of the store. As Minji closes her eyes, she feel that the door was stirring behind her. She immediately rise up from her sitting position and rub her hands against her thighs, and look at the silhouette of a person inside of the shop.

The door opens and Minji meet with a tall person, wearing baggy clothes with her eyeglasses. She moved back a little to give the person space. The girl locked the store, as Minji heard an struggling sound from the former as she curse under her breath.

“, can this day be worst? Aisshhhhh. Come on keys! Bora, I will really kill you for leaving me behind.” Minji cleared as she could see Yoohyeon jump like a puppy and turned to look where the sound came from.

“Oh, you’re JiU. Why are you here ? Are you looking for something ?” Yoohyeon teasingly asked, knowing what the girl wants from her. She was met by an intimidated look from the girl in front of her.

“I think you know why I’m here, Yoohyeon.” Minji firmly said, shocking the girl due to the fact that she knew her name.

“How did you know my name?” Yoohyeon asked putting her right hand on her waist and examined the girl’s stoic persona.

“I should be asking the same question” Minji furrows her brows, mirroring the girl’s gesture. Yoohyeon scoffed, rolling her eyes annoyed at the rudeness of the girl.

“By the way, I left my purse inside. Can I have it ? “ Minji said giving the silver haired girl a stern look.

“Woah, hold on there.” Yoohyeon chuckled in annoyance while raising both of her hands before she continue her opinion.

“Can you atleast ask nicely, young lady? And I could help you look for it” Yoohyeon added, Minji gazed at her in doubt.

“I believe you already know where it is, Yoohyeon. You know my name and I think you have rummaged through my stuff and I won’t be surprised if something’s missing inside of it and I could totally sue you if something is missing, young lady” Minji tried to scare the silver haired girl but the latter seem not bothered by her statement. She heard the girl laughed hysterically, smacking both of her own legs. Minji crossed her arms and stomped her feet in annoyance. 

"Are you joking? Do I look like a culprit? I'm not scared. Not scared! You left it, your responsibility" Yoohyeon pushed Minji's shoulder by her index finger and walked away from the sight of the rude girl. Minji lets out a loud groan as she followed the silver haired girl as she unknowingly hold her warm hands. Yoohyeon turned around to look at the girl in exasperation. 

"Just give me it, please" Minji begged monotonously, Yoohyeon is still not convinced and let go of her hand from the girl's grip, but Minji still followed her. 

"Lack of sincerity, miss. I won't buy it." Yoohyeon said trying to copy the girl's monotonous voice. Minji narrow her eyes, and remembered the scenario earlier. 

"Well, you get my expensive clothes stained. Should you be the one to say sorry?" Minji asked, proud of herself. The silver haired girl stop her tracks  and contemplated and smiled nervously at the girl in front of her. 

"You should have said it sooner, Ma'am. And help you search for it in the shop" Yoohyeon replied almost in a teasing voice but the black haired girl did not notice it, rather she held her hands in front of Yoohyeon to give it to her. The latter shook her head. 

"It's inside the store, sorry. And we're quite far from it. Can you get it tomorrow?" Yoohyeon asked, making the girl rolled her eyes. 

"I don't have time"

"But you have time to argue with me. Ahhhhh. The audacity" Yoohyeon wrapped her right arm to the older girl, which makes the latter to let go from it, but Yoohyeon's grip was strong. 

"And plus, I promised to get you anything. Come on loosen up a bit. And try to smile" Yoohyeon Minji's chin to looked at her awful smile. Minji mockingly followed the younger girl. 

Minji is not a type of a person to go outside losing herself for fun but Yoohyeon drag her to do it and she can't get out of the girl's huge arms. She will admit to herself that she is a bit scared of where the silver haired girl would take her. 

"Where are you taking me?" Minji nervously asked, shaking her voice. She could hear Yoohyeon giggled. A genuine one. She cannot help but to smile a little to the cuteness and free spirited of the silver haired girl. A thought comes to her mind that she really needs to loosen up a bit but she was also worried about her company and she needs rest. She still keep following the girl's tracks. 

The silver haired girl is endlessly talking to Minji but the latter is uninterested,rather than listening to the girl, she observe her surroundings. A lot of people are walking on the street with different expressions on their face: Contempt, happy, sad, depressed, trying to get through life, she glance at the silver haired girl who she is still in her weird embrace, Yoohyeon was extremely happy about her life, with all those smile that could heal a broken heart. Minji shook the idea of it and nudge Yoohyeon to steal her attention. 

"Where are we going, psycho?" Minj

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