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Yoohyeon went home to her apartment with a pain in her knuckles and a pain in her heart. She closed the door with her phone in her hand and bent down on her knees, tears streaming down her face.

Her father was yelling at her over the phone, sounding concerned about her daughter.

“Hyeonie?! My child, what’s wrong. Did something happened? Are you fine?!” Her dad asked. Even though, her father was not showing emotions towards, he genuinely cared for her.

So, she put her phone in her ear and heard her father sighed deeply in relief when Yoohyeon spoke, sniffing.

“Dad, you remember that story you told me when I was thirteen?” Yoohyeon asked, ignoring her father’s query.

“Yes, about a child who were abducted and were sheltered in a wealthy family? I do remember, Hyeonie. What about it ?” He rambled from his own words, waiting for her daughter’s response.

“Am I that abducted child, Dad?” Yoohyeon asked, almost breaking her voice. It’s ridiculous to ask her father about it but she had to be sure. She is positive that she is her father’s daughter.

“You’re just afraid, Minji. Why would you say that?” She thought.

“That’s nonsense, Yoohyeon. Is this your way to ran away from me ?! You’re my only heir, it’s only right to entrust you my business” Her father answered in disbelief that her own daughter is doubting her own identity.

“Then, why are you telling me that story, dad? Is there something you want to tell me about?” Yoohyeon asked desperately.

He sighed deeply, “I think you’re too old to know the truth, Yoohyeon-ah”

“What truth, dad?”

“You’re eager to know? I’ll tell you when you come home”

“I need to know now, dad. Then I will come home in three months, just tell me now”  her father always liked to negotiate and this is one of those moments. She asked for something and he’ll get something in return.



Miss Hara stared at her daughter’s face, sleeping peacefully after what transpired on the set.

It hurts her everytime she saw her child’s crying especially in front of her. The vivid memory had been replaying on her mind over and over again.


“I told her, Mama” Minji cried. Miss Hara could feel the heartbreak her child was feeling. These emotions were driven by not only by what happened between the head director a

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Chapter 26: No problem, author-nim. Take your time. Always take care! 🙂
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