I need you-Minji

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It was a bright sunny day. The flowers bloomed around the park as she sniffed the freshness of the air, her hands wrapped around her bestfriend’s shoulders. While admiring the beauty of nature, she cannot help but stared at her friend’s side view profile with her eyes closed as a genuine smiles plastered on her face. She loved it and she will definitely gonna miss it. The truth will eventually come out and she just hoped that Bora will take it well.

‘Just like what you always wanted, Bora. A family that will love you wholeheartedly. But I can’t tell you yet. And definitely you will hate me for hiding the truth for the reason that I wanted Minji to tell you herself. It is just right that the truth comes out from your family not from a troublemaker. You’ve already been keeping up with my for the long time. And after a few months, it’s time to let you go…’ Her thoughts were abruptly interrupted by someone calling out her name. The person she tried to avoid since that dream happened. Minji.

“Yoohyeon! Can I talk to you for a second?” Bora snapped from her trance and nudged her friend’s frozen state.

“The president’s calling for you, idiot. Are you deaf?” she teasingly said, making Yoohyeon glared at her playfully. Then after, despite the nervousness she was feeling she hopped towards Minji with a man beside her. Mr. Kim, her dad’s bestfriend. If she had known that in spite of her father’s cold appearance, he would make friends. True friends even. She thought, isn’t it fate that she met Minji and along the way knew that Bora, her childhood friend, is her long lost sister and the one that kidnapped her is the father of a psychopath who tried to kill her. Maybe meeting Minji opened the doors of the truth in the past that their fathers hid for a very long time. And maybe she was having feelings towards the girl and in a few months she had to suppressed her feelings and go back to her old life.

In proximity, she saw Minji’s wide smile at her. She can see changes in Minji’s aura. She was happier than usual and she loved it as corners of her lips lifted upward at the sight. But then, she cursed at herself saying, ‘Now, how can I avoid those in few months? Everytime I’m near her, I think I fall even more. And probably, in the end of it all, it’s ing hard to leave’

With her thoughts running through her mind, she did not notice a man who held his hand for a handshake. She flinched when Minji tapped her shoulders and woke up from her trance.

“Yoohyeon, I know you’ve already met my dad. I want you to meet him, formally” Minji softly said as Yoohyeon only managed to awkwardly nod and smile at Minji’s father who in turn smiled back to her. It made her confused as to why it was only her and not with Bora and Siyeon. Especially Bora. Something was not clicking at that moment, probably Minji had something to talk with her personally.

“Hello sir, nice to meet you” she shyly said, averting her gaze towards Minji who seemed to be fighting the urge to say something.


“I’m glad you accepted the offer, Ms. Kim. My daughter here really fight for you and your group. I hope we could work in a long run in the future” he said firmly but Yoohyeon can sense there was a hidden meaning to his statement and it made her curious. Long run. She did not even know if she will come back in the city and pursue music after she’ll be able to fulfill her father’s wishes. Minji’s dad might knew about her leaving the place for her dad’s company. The awkward silence became unbearable when Yoohyeon kept quiet after Mr. Kim’s harmless statement and Minji decided to break the ice.  

“Yoohyeon, you should get back to the shoot. I’ll just gonna head back to the dressing room for admin matters. Dad, you wanna come along?” Minji instructed and asked Mr. Kim whose gazes were fixated on Yoohyeon’s nervous state.

“Go ahead, child. I’ll follow. It seems urgent” he said softly and even though Minji furrowed her brows in confusion, she did what her father tell her. As Minji’s figure was no longer in sight, Yoohyeon bowed her head at the CEO and headed to where her friends are but a hand tapped on her shoulders causing her to a halt.

“Thank you, Yoohyeon. For bringing Bora safe and for making my Minji sane. It was so hard for her these past years but she told me how grateful she is to have meet you. Her gem” Mr. Kim softly whispered, Yoohyeon flinching at the mention of Bora and Minji especially Minji calling her gem. But she could not help but smile at the comment. Then reality hit her, she was bound to lose both the time she’ll leave in few months now.

“You told him, didn’t you?” Yoohyeon rather bitterly asked making Mr. Kim sighed so deep.

“I did. Your dad and I wanted to protect our daughters. He give me information of the whereabouts of Bora despite the danger and when I saw you in the company, I did not hesitate to tell him. He missed you, Yoohyeon” he said calmly.

“But I can see that you loved it here. Yoohyeon, I can help you with your father while working in my company.You don’t have to leave. You’ve done so much for our family without knowing it and take it as a gift” he added, hopeful that the si

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