I'll protect you - Yoohyeon

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As soon as she entered the shop, Yoohyeon heard muffled noises from the customers and Siyeon’s intense gazes towards her. She put her head down and cursed at herself for being tardy for the reason that, she was too engrossed in telling the stories about her relationship with Bora and her overall personality to Minji. They went to a bar the night before after the shoot without letting her friends know whom Minji was totally against it but then in the end she was able to convinced her not to, telling her for them not to be suspicious about Minji’s little plan of knowing her sister. And the unread texts and missed calls she received last night was one of the signs that she was screwed.

They took little shots of alcoholic drinks. For Yoohyeon, she wanted to swim unto the drunkenness as she wanted to forget about her problems just for the night but was able to hold it since she had to tell Minji a glimpse of Bora’s life while being sober.

Ignoring the presence of Bora’s sudden appearance which she knew to herself hurted the small girl, so she went straight to the kitchen followed by Siyeon’s muffled nagging.

“Yoohyeon, where did you go yesterday? And why are you late today?” Siyeon rather calmly said but wearing that same intense stare earlier the time she set foot on the shop.

“Uhm... just had a talk with Minji and I uh forgot to set my alarm this morning, that’s why I’m late” Yoohyeon nervously said with her head down. She heard Siyeon’s deep sigh and felt a tap on her shoulders.

“Well, you made me and Bora worried. You could’ve texted us” Siyeon uttered softly as corners of her lips lifted upward genuinely.

“Kim Yoohyeon! Aishh, you know very well, I hate it when you’re ignoring me” Bora yelled, making her slightly flinched at the sound of her loud voice. Yoohyeon scratched her head and gave Bora an apologetic smile wherein the latter gave her a sudden tight hug.

“Don’t ever do that, okay? You’re the only family I have, I do not know what to do if I will lose you” Bora said, sniffing. Bora’s sincere words made Yoohyeon hugged her back so tight as she buried her face on the small girl’s shoulders, holding her tears back and just savor this moment with her friend.

“Uhm, let’s get back to work, shall we. Why are we so emotional early in the morning, huh?” Yoohyeon managed to tease despite that her heart was torn into million pieces hearing Bora’s words.

“Aight, I’m supposed to say that, Yoohyeon-ah. I’m the boss here” Siyeon rolled her eyes and playfully smacking Yoohyeon’s shoulders. The trio chuckled at the statement.

Left alone in the kitchen to wash the dishes, Yoohyeon reminisced the night where she had a talk with Minji. She can’t stop herself from looking at the latter’s lips which she once kissed accidentally.



After Minji told her she needed her help on Bora, she immediately took her hand and dragged her into the nearest bar. She kept on holding back her tears from falling without giving a glance back at Minji who was definitely confused of her abrupt gesture.

She subtly wiped the liquid from her cheeks and entered the bar, still holding Minji’s hands.

“Why are you suddenly dragging me in a bar, Yoohyeon-ah? Are you trying to make me drunk again?” Minji asked.

“I’m planning to but since we will have a serious talk, I changed my mind” Yoohyeon jokingly said. The black haired girl giggled at the thought that Yoohyeon is unpredictable sometimes, later she can be so serious and thoughtful but at times she is playful but then she liked both.

In spite of her showing optimism, behind the facade came the scared and vulnerable Yoohyeon. It was her way to let the people around her especially her friends that she’s alright. She did not want to burden them her problems that she made. She took Minji to a bar, despite the loud music and chattering noises from people around, she finds it bearable and comforting at times of her despair and it is one of those times. There’s just something about the noise inside the place which made her at ease, she felt like she’s not alone compared to the life in her huge house where silence is deafening that made her go insane.

Both of them sat on a chair at the counter and Yoohyeon ordered two shots of whiskey which made Minji glared at her.

“I thought we are not going to drink” the president scoffed while Yoohyeon took the shots and offered one to Minji as she hesitatingly take it.

“You’re just like her” Yoohyeon mumbled but Minji can clearly hear her words considering the proximity between them. She raised her brows in confusion which made Yoohyeon giggle

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