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“We are having a photoshoot!!” Bora screamed, banging the door of Yoohyeon’s apartment. The latter flinched at the sudden loud voice from her bestfriend but did not bother to get up from her bed. 

“Yah! Yoohyeon! Get up! You don’t want to be late at out first ever photoshoot, don’t you?!” Bora shook Yoohyeon’s body who groaned in annoyance. 

“Can we cancel? I’m just so tired and still sleepy” Yoohyeon complained, covering herself with her blanket. 

“Should I just call your parents? And...” Bora was interrupted by her bestfriend’s finger on her lips as she heard her scoffed. 

“Like they care. All they care about is money and power. Aissh, I don’t wanna talk about it, Bora” She could sense the change in Yoohyeon’s voice. Her usual high pitched voice was turned into a more deep and serious tone which made the small girl nervous and uncomfortable. She went towards the girl and patted her back. 

“Hey, it was just a joke. I didn’t mean it, okay? But they eventually...” She was cut off by Yoohyeon’s sarcastic laugh. 

“They will for sure. Don’t worry about it, I’ll tell them so that you don’t have to lie to them just for my sake. For now, let’s just stick to the idea that I am in a business course.” Yoohyeon weakly smiled at her friend and pinched Bora’s cheeks. 

Bora breathed out heavily in relief. She just thought at that moment, Yoohyeon will be mad at her mentioning about her parents.

Her current life is all lies atleast to her parent’s perspective but she remained truthful to herself and to her friend. Except Siyeon. She didn’t know about her life before this. 

“How long will you lie about this to Siyeon, Yooh. She’s our friend. She deserves to know” Bora softly asked which Yoohyeon didn’t take it it well. She got close to Siyeon in a matter of months working in her shop and she considered her as a friend. But she needed more time, plenty of time and Bora asking for it made her more apprehensive about the thought. And that question is enough to make her blood boil. 

“I. Will. Tell. Her. Bora. Let me!..” Bora scoffed under her breath and looked at her friend who was glaring at her. She was getting used to Yoohyeon’s sweet and lively personality. But she thought that Yoohyeon could not hide her hot tempered self. 

“You’re going back to your old self, Yoohyeon.” Bora quietly said as she put her tiny hands on Yoohyeon’s face, cupping it. She mentioned her parents, it’s enough reason for her friend to be reacting like this. 

“I promise, I will tell her, Bora. It’s just I don’t want her to know the person I am before and plus I’m better now. I’m sorry I yelled at you, Bora. You know how sensitive it is for me talking about them.” Yoohyeon said, facing her friend and put her forehead on her bestfriend’s forehead, closing her eyes. 

“It’s okay. Come on, get yourself dressed” Yoohyeon do what she told. 


After a few minutes, Yoohyeon wore a plain blue t-shirt with her jeans and both of them walked to Minji’s company. In there, they met Siyeon sitting comfortably in one of the chairs and Yoohyeon could not help to get nervous around her boss after the little argument with Bora this morning. Her bestfriend squeezed her hand in comfort, her eyes looked at hers telling her it’s fine. She leaned in to whisper to Yoohyeon’s ears. 

“It’s okay, let’s just enjoy this and you can tell her when you’re ready” Yoohyeon sighed deeply and nodded. They both flinched as they heard a soft voice coming from their friend. 

“Are you just going to stand there ? Let’s go, we’re going to be late. And the president does not like tardy people. “ Siyeon stood up from her seat and dragged her friends towards the seventh floor. 

They successfully went to the seventh floor and immediately looked for Sally. The office were so busy for the reason that they will have their first ever photoshoot. 

“Hey, you’re already here. Let’s go. Ms. Kim is waiting for you in the studio” Sally said, smiling and guided them towards the place. 

“Thank you, Sally. We’re quite nervous” Yoohyeon nervously laughed as her palms were sweating. She was not getting used to pose herself in front of the camera. 

“I know that you’re quite not used to this but aside posing in front of the camera, Ms. Kim will be there” Sally informed, receiving a confused glares from the three. 

“It’s normal for a president to be there, don’t worry guys. After she’ll see us posing a few, she’ll...” Siyeon said with a half smile. 

“Uhm, she’ll be there for the whole duration of the photoshoot. That’s her only schedule for the day” Sally added making the three more apprehensive. 

“That’s alright guys, it’s not like we’re gonna pour some drinks on her shirt, aren’t we?” Bora said out of nowhere, looking at the direction of Yoohyeon who was piercing her eyes on her.

“Well let’s just do our best” Yoohyeon reassured, sighing deeply. 


They were in front of the door and Yoohyeon could already hear the busy noises  from the inside. 

Sally carefully opened the door, and the trio welcomed by staffs doing their jobs. As they scanned the room, Yoohyeon saw Minji sitting while talking to one of the staffs holding the lights for the photoshoot. 

“She’s a hands on CEO, eh?” She mentally said. But as they walked towards the CEO, they were stopped by one of the staffs with comb in her hand. 

“Let’s get you more prettier” The staff said and they were put in the dressing room to get them dressed in some high school student style dresses. 

The trio let the working staff doing their jobs while they’re just staring at each other’s eyes in silence. They could hear themselves laughing on their mind on how this whole job works. It’s a busy and stressful type of work atleast on the part of the employees working. 

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