Elevator Ride

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It's been two weeks since the audition and Yoohyeon felt grateful whatever the result is. There were a lot of talented musicians who undergone the audition and she won't expect more. But her friends were still hyped about it and still very hopeful that they would get in or just Yoohyeon. They would be very happy for her. But the younger girl would always tell them if it's just her, she would either accept the offer or decline it. She will be very happy if they could get in together and not only her, in the first place they are the ones that insisted her to do the audition.

The shop had a lot of customers for the day and the silver haired girl was both happy and exhausted.

"It might be a sign that we have a chance" Bora said out of nowhere as Yoohyeon flinched from a surprised note from her bestfriend at the counter.

"Bora, you almost killed me from heart attack" Yoohyeon said, gasping.

"It's not, it's just that the shop always have a lot of customers. So don't take it as a sign though" The younger girl added, rolling her eyes only to receive a smack from her friend.

"Siyeon and I still hoping, Yooh" Bora chuckled a little and saw Siyeon walking towards their direction. There was just something about how Bora's boss' walk that made her a little soft, or feeling things towards her. The smiles that she gives to the world were so precious that she could even melted in any moment possible. She did not know how long it has been but she did not want her bestfriend to know as the latter have a huge crush on her.

"Yeah, Yooh. We had a great chance tho. Or just you. Right Bora?" Siyeon said, giving the small girl a wink that made her jaw dropped. Bora nodded her head nervously as Yoohyeon narrowing her eyes at her friend.

"Y-yeah, she surely have a ch-chance" Bora trailed from her own words as Yoohyeon sharpened her gaze at her own friend, thinking that she was being weird at the moment. She was about to comment at her friend's stammering but Siyeon interrupt.

"Yep! So, let's get back to work. Chop chop" Siyeon commanded teasingly.

The remaining time of Yoohyeon's shift went pretty smoothly but tiring as it is. She was already getting ready to go home and planned to have a good night rest when she heard someone coming in at this hour when she was just getting ready to go home.

As soon as the person came in, she was welcomed by the cute smiles from the small girl with a foxy face features, wearing a casual business attire. Seems like she just got out from work.

"Hello, may I know if Siyeon is here at this moment?" The girl asked, still wearing a wide eyed smile that warms Yoohyeon's heart, even her tiredness washed aways just by looking those innocent smiles but she could help to think as to why she was looking for her boss.

"Oh, may I know, what you want from her---" Yoohyeon was cut off by a sudden loud voice of Siyeon greeting the small girl who's her cousin.

"My little Gahyeonie! Glad that you visit at my shop" Siyeon said, hugging the small girl tightly.

"I've missed you so much, so a little tea?" Siyeon added, a smirk on her face as she pinched the girl's fluffy cheeks making Yoohyeon soft at the kind gesture and she was quite awkward, standing in between watching the two girls being affectionate with each other. She cleared to remind the two about her presence.

"Oh, this is Yoohyeon, one of my employee and as well as my friend. And she is very talented" Siyeon introduced her to the girl, receiving a respectful bow from the small girl.   

"Yooh, this Gahyeon, my cousin. She's working at the Kim's Company" She added, as Yoohyeon widened her eyes in the realization that it was her cousin giving her information about the CEO and company itself.

She managed to nod her head and commented. "So she was your connection that you were talking about, huh" Siyeon nodded in agreement. Bora came out from the kitchen as she heard them talking, Siyeon saw her presence and introduced her to her cousin.

"Bora, this Gahyeon. Gahyeon this is Bora" Siyeon introduced as they both shake hands, giving each other a slight nod.

"So, Gahyeon, any good news?" Siyeon asked the small girl, giving her a weak smile.

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