Just an Order

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The ambiance in the building was always like a heated oven, every time she came into the place. Every one seemed to panic with no reason, it’s just the negative energy that she gives off to every person inside the office.

Minji often scolded some of her employees for minimal mistakes that they made a secret meeting just to finalize reports before they send it to her. She is a perfectionist, she wanted everything to be perfect. Is it because she wanted to cloak her imperfections from her father? No matter how she tried to make everything perfect in her company, seems like her father won’t notice it.

No one in the building befriended her due to the fact how she blocked her walls from any unnecessary interactions from people. Except her. And her long time friend.

But as she walked in the hallways towards her office, some of the employees greeted her and she greeted back in the same cold, deadpan expression. It’s unusual for the employees.

One of the employees open the door of her office for her and she nodded, mumbled a thank you. The staff was stunned and told everyone in the office what happened which makes them smiled a little.

As Minji went inside her office, she could see a familiar blonde short hair on one of her chair, fidgeting on a pen on her table. She weakly smiled and tapped her shoulder which makes the girl surprised at the gesture.

“How’s the tour, Dongie?” Minji said in an exciting voice. Handong, mocking some of her employees frantically bowing to her which makes the black haired girl, glared at her.

“I’m not that scary, it’s just them. I won’t bite them into pieces” Minji explained as Handong laughed at her friend.

“You should see how afraid they are to you, Jiu. Everyone here is terrified of you, well except me. I have known you since we’re children.” Handong stated with concern in her tone.

“And tour is fun, I wish you could be there but you have work in progress” She added.

“I’m just doing my job as a CEO, if I’m going to be more close to them, they’re just gonna abuse it and I won’t let that happen. It’s better this way” Minji responded, weakly smiled as her friend sensed that something was bothering her, but she was hesitant to ask as she knew what she have been through in teenage years that contributed such impact on her adulthood.

“But I think it’s time for you to break your walls and start to build relationship with someone other than me. You have to be more approachable, look at your staffs and employees, they are all stressed out because of what you are giving them. It’s not necessary to befriend all of them, just be more open and they still gonna do the job well plus they’re gonna be cheerful and this place would turn to be a happy place to work in not an asylum.” Handong reverted, and shrugged. The older girl heavily sighed.  

“I don’t know, I’m used to it.”

“Well, you should try” Handong genuinely stated.

“I’ll try, okay” Minji responded as she sighed, looking at the papers in front of her. Lists of possible applicants who got qualified.

“So, anyone you find interesting?” Handong asked, and Minji nodded at her and was about to comment when someone knocked at her office door.

“I’ll just get it, just sit there” Handong offered, stood up and went to the door and only met with a foxy eyes with folders in her hand.

“Lee Gahyeon, so I assumed that’s financial reports right there” Handong said looking at one of the most beautiful staff in Kim Inc. She was assigned at Taehyung’s management as a bookkeeper and sometimes she was handling accounts on Minji’s company, so she was right there to send her the financial reports to her.

“Is Miss Kim there? Yes, financial reports for this month” Gahyeon smiled sheepishly and Hadong nodded, opening the door for her to come in.

“Can I?” Gahyeon nervously asked the short haired girl who seemed to in dazed at her unworldly beauty.

“Yeah, don’t worry, I’m here, if anything happens. Come on in” Handong said in assurance.

Minji looked up to see Gahyeon handling out her folders of financial reports for her to check and signed. She saw th

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