It's time

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Yoohyeon heard soft breaths just right on her left neck. Her breath still warms her heart after all these years. She wanted to let go of the tight embrace but halted when she realized she was waiting for that moment. A moment with her. She missed this, she missed her so much as she tucked her hair, smiling bitterly to herself.


"Just like old times, I wanna kiss your forehead, Ji... But am I still worthy of it?" she mumbled to herself, as she recalled Minji's sudden breakdown the night before. She leaned in, hesitantly to kiss her forehead but she heard a loud voice banging on her door. She got up from bed and quickly walked towards the door.


"Where is she ?!" a question she knew the answered of which made her stunned and nervous. She had seen Bora mad before but this time was different. And she was the reason. Bora's eyes were filled with anger and disappointment as she made eye contact with her.


"She's at my room... uhm Bora look.. Nothing happened.. between us" she stuttered while explaining the predicament she was in but then she did not know why she was explaining in the first place. Maybe it was the sudden breakdown of Minji last night. Bora only looked at her, narrowing her eyes at her as she shoved Yoohyeon which made her body almost out of balance but she quickly regained her composure. Still terrified of Bora's outburst.


“Minji! Wake up! We gotta go!" she yelled. Yoohyeon tried to stop Bora from yelling but the latter dismissed her. She thought it would disrupt Minji's sleep since she had a breakdown the night before and needed a rest.


"Bora, quiet. Let her rest, please. Sh-she had a rough night" Yoohyeon pleaded but still ignored by her friend. She was like chasing a tiger that soon will bite her into pieces. She was like this because of her. As a sister, she wanted to protect her. From another heartbreak. From another disappointment. From her.


"Look.. I didn't know..." Bora stopped and glared at Yoohyeon who was visibly nervous. Bora let out a sarcastic laugh.


"You didn't know because you weren't there. You in left her, remember?" Those words just hit Yoohyeon's heart drastically. Because those were true. She left her while she was still in hospital bed unconscious.


"We were waiting for you to come back but you shut us down for 's sake, Yoohyeon. You dont't know how much she suffered because you left." Bora broke down in tears as she knelt down. Yoohyeon who was also in verge of tears leaned down to help Bora up to comfort. She understood and she deserved it if they won't forgive

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minjibunny #1
Chapter 26: that’s okay! take all the time you need! i’m really looking forward to the next chapter even if it’s after a year or something :)
Chapter 26: No problem, author-nim. Take your time. Always take care! 🙂
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Chapter 25: Oh noooo minji :( i'm really curious of what happened. Take your time author! But hopefully we can get answers as to what happened years ago~
Chapter 24: I enjoyed reading your story! Can't wait for the next update 🙂
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I've been waiting for this! Thanks so much for updating~ Hoping for more update soon! I'm deprived of jiyoo fic lmaooo
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Chapter 24: Always happy about a new chapter 😁😊
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Chapter 24: I totally enjoyed this. Can't wait for the next chapter.
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