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"Goodmorning to you too, Yoohyeon" JiU coldly said, glaring at the younger girl. She could hear Yoohyeon swallowed a lump in . The silver haired girl got up from her bed and nervously walking towards the fridge, finding something to eat. There was a dead air between the two girls in pajamas, JiU scoffed and stood up from her chair and paced towards the younger girl who struggled finding some decent food to be eaten for the both of them. Yoohyeon doesn't want the black haired girl to go out from her apartment with an empty stomach. As she was rummaging throught the fridge, she felt a hand on her left shoulder, she stopped and proceeded to look at the only person inside the apartment. She was panicking inside as to what to say to the girl. Should she have to tell her about the light kiss? Or should she apologized for what she have done to the poor girl yesterday? Or should she just brush it off and keep on annoying the girl? Yoohyeon shook her head, not aware, her face was too close to the girl in front of her. She unnknowingly lets out a heavy sigh which makes the black haired girl, looked away and disgusted. 

"Can you please brush your teeth first?" JiU putting her index finger in between her lips and nose. Yoohyeon frantically went to the sink and poured some water on a glass and starterd brushing her teeth, taking few glances at the girl who seemingly looking around her messy home. She heard the girl lets out a disappointed sigh. 

"She probably think of me as a creep" She thought, facepalming herself. 

"Idiot Yoohyeon"

Minji on the other hand, waits patiently for the silver haired girl. She wanted to have a talk with the girl on what happened last night and probably after that, she just wanted to go home and forget about the event that have already taken place. She scanned the room, and was quite amazed on how messy the place is. She sighed but something caught her eyes, a guitar, which she pondered and ask herself, looking at the girl who was still brushing her teeth. 

"She plays?"

"Does she sing too?"

She wanted to know so she asked the silver haired girl. 

"Do you play the guitar, Yoohyeon?" She monotonously said, startling the silver haired girl. The latter decided to spit out the liquid inside and responded to the girl's query.

"Uh-uhm, yeah. But not quite advanced" She replied, wiping the droplets on . She nervously took few glances at the girl who is now touching her guitar, contemplating. But Yoohyeon was occupied of the thought of apologizing to the black haired girl. She convinced herself not to annoy the girl anymore, scared of offending or getting the girl in trouble with her obsession of getting to know the girl more. 

Minji thought of asking the silver haired girl if she sings, and she would also thought that she might probably be the one her company is looking for. 


Yoohyeon dressed herself, tight jeans and a t shirt for work. She wears her blue cap that is placed on the wall of her apartment and proceeded to work, still thinking of the little conversation with the girl in her apartment earlier. 

While walking to her work, she ask herself. 

"Did I do the right thing?"

"I think I did"

"It's for our own good" 

"But that kiss tho, I couldn't forget about it"

Yoohyeon shook

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Chapter 26: No problem, author-nim. Take your time. Always take care! 🙂
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