Miss Hara

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The fresh breeze strikes through Minji's porcelain skin as she take a run in the neighbourhood. Anxiously thinking of the possible scenarios that might happen if she could not attain the standards of her father, especially of trying so hard  not to lose the company that her mother have established for decades.

The audition will be on Saturday and she anticipates that someone with a humble talent would help the company come back on its right throne. Minji have been running for almost half an hour and she could feel that her head is throbbing in pain, it's probably the cause of alcohol she drank the night whom a certain stranger forced her (or she willingly gave in anyway due to the fact that the girl she met had the most beautiful smile) to do it.

Minji have been never in a romantic relationship before and it was never her priority ever in her life. She thought that she would just waste her time for nonsense fights with her supposed partner. She was courted by a lot of males her father arranged for her, but no man could take her innocent heart. She was not interested in any of them, just a casual conversation with was enough for her already.

Probably except for this certain person she just meet unexpectedly, she never ever in her life took interest in person's life. Deep inside, she wanted to know the girl more but it's impossible for her anyway and she does not care. But she does.

"How annoying" She whispered to herself, and stopped on a bench and sit for a while, massaging her head lightly.

"She is just so annoying" She repeated.

"Why would I even have the interest to notice you?" She thought.

"It's ironic. I was irritated by you and will always be but I kinda liked it when you does that. I feel like I existed in this world as a normal human being. I wanted to be friends with you but I think we cannot see each other again" She shook her head, trying to brush off the words forming in her mind.

"Kim Minji, you need to focus. Making friends is a distraction. Need focus" She hyped herself. She took a deep breath before moving her feet going back to her home, and aid her headache.


Before heading home, Yoohyeon stopped by a convenience store to buy some food for a week as she realized that she does not have an eatable item inside her fridge. She was feeling a bit embarassed of the girl inside her apartment this morning for letting her eat an eaten apple and cereal, but the girl seemed not to be bothered by it and proceeded to eat the already sliced apple and cereal she prepared for the girl.

"She was simple, quite complicated" Yoohyeon thought. She bought a lot of food that would last for a week and paid for it in the counter, left the vicinity. As she was going to go out from the store, she saw the black haired girl again in her running attire going to the same convenience she was just in. Her guts told her to greet the familiar person but he remembered what she said this morning and awkwardly turned back, pacing fast towards the direction to where her apartment is. She did not even looked at the girl's expression and she definitely have the same expression anyway.

She opened the door of her apartment and proceeded directly to her bed, leaving all the groceries on her apartment floor. She buried her face on her bed and started to overthink things.

After all the thoughts inside her head, she got up immediately as she heard a knock on her door, saying her name. It was a familiar voice and she know

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