Contract Signing

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Yoohyeon woke up from a heavy headache due to the fact that Siyeon and Bora dragged her for a drink night as a celebration. She was in total opposition but by the power Bora’s persuasion, she gave in and joined them. It was a fun night which was turned into a total mess. Not only that she drank a lot of shots but also she saw Bora and Siyeon, kissing each other’s lips on the dance floor while swaying and grinding their hips in sync with the music. She was totally in shock, Bora kissing her long time crush, Siyeon. But her train of thoughts were interrupted by a sudden flash of a familar memory. Her accidentally kissing JiU. 

She did not know why on earth she was thinking of a certain situation in that moment. Making an endless questions to what happened that day. And her unusual and unexpected feelings for the president. 

“Is it because I wanted more?”

“Or is it because if the alcoholic drink”

“Then why am I feeling something that I shouldn’t have to feel when she kissed me that day?” 

“I tried to let go of the thought, but she keeps on coming into my life”

“I tried to ignore her by saying a promise not to engage with her anymore once we path ways again but then why she keeps on popping up out of nowhere?” 

“Well, ! It’s because I passed that audition. And I will be officially part of her company” 

“I really tried but destiny make us meet no matter what the situation is” 


Her head throbbed in pain even more, thinking about of what she really felt for the girl. And she also thought that it is a bad idea to drink alcohol before the contract signing because she and her friends were in total mess. She heard her phone vibrating from a sudden texts messages from Bora and Siyeon, screaming why were they on each other’s body. To Yoohyeon, it was fun seeing her friends being a mess and clueless at the same time. 



They were now in front of the building and Yoohyeon can only feel the awkwardness between Siyeon and Bora, knowing that they slept together . Who knows, they’d probably made out before sleeping into a deep slumber. 

“It was really a bad idea drinking alcohol when you’re in fact have an appointment the next morning” Siyeon said out of nowhere while walking inside the huge building. 

“So you’re telling me, it’s my fault?!” Bora said, gently massaging her head from pain and not not aware of her annoyed response to Siyeon’s statement. Yoohyeon, on the other hand, was enjoying what she’s witnessing. The little bickering of the two. Siyeon narrowed her eyes at Bora while the latter glared at her, intently. They seemed to have an interesting staring contest. 

“Stop, you two please. It’s both your fault anyways” Yoohyeon tried to meddle between the two, receiving a glare from both of them. But then the trio quietly entered the seventh floor of the building despite the pain in their head. 

They were greeted by Susan, one of the employees of Minji and intstucted them to wait for a few minutes due to the fact that the CEO had an important meeting with her father. 

“Just uhm, take a deep breath guys. Well, we’re glad that you finally decided to join our company” Susan started, smiling but frowned after that was accompanied by a deep sigh. Yoohyeon saw the sudden change in her expression and decided to ask the employee. 

“You seem bothered by that, is there something that we should worry about ? “ She asked curiously which made Bora and Siyeon furrowed their eyebrows. It was their first time in this place and are still no

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Chapter 26: No problem, author-nim. Take your time. Always take care! 🙂
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