Courage (?)

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Four years later


Yoohyeon stared at the screen of her laptop as a bitter smile crept on her face, watching a video of three girls singing a song titled ‘I love you’. When a certain black haired girl’s emotional voice was heard, a tear fell down from Yoohyeon’s left cheek. 

Her line I love you’s hit different that she felt like she was saying slash singing it for her. It was not the first time she heard her saying those three words to her but if felt like the first time. 

“I love you too, my Jiji” she whispered to herself as her hands running through the face of the black haired girl who was singing passionately with her other two friends, Siyeon and Bora. 

“I hope she can hear what you just said  right now, Yoohyeon-ah” A petite girl with her short brown hair said, carrying a laptop and a playful smirk on her face. Surprisingly, Yubin was applying for a part time job to keep her music store business back in Seoul from bankruptcy and fate to be told, she got accepted as an assistant of Mr. Kim’s daughter which is Yoohyeon. When the latter came home from a broken heart and a tragic past, she insisted on helping her old friend to keep her store as she knew how important the store to the girl and to her as well. She used to buy amazing albums and music advices from Yubin so, the latter was so close in her heart. One of the many memories she did not want to forget. So, she made Yubin her full time assistant and that she hired a store attendant for daily transactions of the store. 

“Eh, Yubin! She probably hate me now” Yoohyeon responded with a sad smile as she wiped a drop of tear off from her cheek. Yubin shrugged back and put her laptop on Yoohyeon’s desk as the latter immediately stood up, revealing her outfit for the day, a white tee shirt and jeans. Yubin deeply sighed and gave Yoohyeon a weird look. 

“What?! Am I not allowed to wear this? Tsk, it’s my office” she sarcastically said and sheepishly smiled at Yubin as the latter just shook her head. Yoohyeon definitely knew that she will receive another scolding from the HR for not wearing the proper uniform. Even though she is the daughter of the president of the company, she was treated just like any other employees. Fair treatment. The head of the HR was hesitant at first but Mr. Kim insisted to follow the protocol of the company, if her daughter made a mistake she would be reprimanded for it just like the other employees. Yoohyeon did not want to be treated like a princess so she respected the decision. 

“Yeah yeah, tell that to your father.” Yubin said, chuckling as Yoohyeon raised her hands in surrender. 

“I know, Yubs. So, I bet there’s a meeting? AUgh... GAIN..” she dramatically said as she went towards her dressing room just right beside her office table. 

Yubin chuckled and sat on Yoohyeon’s table and said: “ Technically yeah...” she paused before she continued making Yoohyeon’s ear perked up. 

“A private meeting with your father” Yubin said softly, hearing her boss sighing deeply. 

“Probably business” she hesitantly responded. 

“And do I really need to dress up formally for that meeting ? Haha. Ah yes I have to. It’s my freakin father” she exclaimed as she struggled to put on her coat, receiving a giggle from her assistant.

“Yeah you have to, Yoohyeon” she sarcastically said as Yoohyeon came out from her dressing room, dusting off her clothes. 

“Well I guess I’m ready” Yoohyeon sighed deeply, giving a weak smile to her assistant who reassured her that it’s going to be alright. For her, it’s a nervewracking to be alone with her father after what happened years ago. She was a rebellious child who caused so much trouble not only for herself but the people around her, especially to her father. 

She walked towards her father’s office, greeted some employees and when she was in front of her father’s office door, she t

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