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“I love you, Minji” Her voice everytime she said those words were like heaven to her ears. But now, singing those words were like an arrow piercing through her chest. It hurts like hell.


She felt like crying during her parts in their group’s live performance and Bora was evidently worried for her. Thankfully, it ended smoothly without her breaking down in front of the camera. She excused herself towards the restroom after the performance for she could not hold it back anymore.


“You are such a , Yoohyeon. Why did you leave us? Leave me?” Minji whispered to herself, clenching fists as she looked at herself in the mirror. Even after four years, she still could not move forward no matter how many times she told herself to give it up. But she just could not. Not when she did not even know what was the main reason why she left. Part of her wanted to get mad at her but some part of her just wanted to see her even just for a bit.


“I am an idiot to even fall in love with you. Aish” she bitterly chuckled at herself.


“You are both idiots but Yoohyeon is just another level kind of idiot” small hands were comforting her back, sighing deeply. One of the many reasons why she was hopeful for Yoohyeon to come back was Bora. She helped her to gain their bond as sisters and she was always thankful for that.


She chuckled lightly and nodded at her sister’s upfront comment. Since the day, her family told Bora the truth, the latter had been very loving and caring towards her upon hearing what she had been through not knowing the truth. It was hard to accept for Bora, but she learnt to forgive them even though it took her months to do so. Perhaps betrayal and lies are both s that are hard to deal with and forget.


But Bora understood why things happened to the way they were. She probably would not have a bond with Yoohyeon.


“I guess I am. An idiot who is foolishly in love with her” Minji said truthfully as Bora gave her a disgusted face in a joking manner.


“I know. Gosh! You are older than me but you cry like a baby” she joked as she wiped Minji’s tears.


“When will we meet her, Bora? I just want to see her. How have she been doing? Or if she….” Bora shushed Minji’s loud mouth as she sensed that her sister was thinking that Yoohyeon left her with another girl which was surely not the case. She had known Yoohyeon for all her life, that brat must have some deep reasons for leaving them. She was hell mad for that but it’s Yoohyeon. She could not stay mad at her for long.


“I do not know. ‘cause first, I don’t know her whereabouts. Uncle Jimin would not let me know where she is. Maybe she just doesn’t want to see us” Bora responded. True enough, she had been trying to contact and went to their home to talk her all these years even yelled at social medias just to get her attention but to no avail. And she must have told her father not to reveal her location.


As Minji was about to reply, both of them flinched at the sudden loud noise coming from a blonde haired girl which happens to be Siyeon.


“Not that I am breaking your moment but both your father wanted to see us” Siyeon informed and gave their friend a weak smile before going.


“So, Minji’s crying huh?” Siyeon commented as Bora nudged her not to push anymore.


“Yeah probably the water stings your eyes huh” Siyeon added, putting her arms around Minji’s shoulders as a way of comforting her.


“That’s probably it” Minji responded, chuckling.


They were instructed by their staff to wait in their dressing room for meeting with Mr. Kim. It was odd to Minji for calling such abrupt meeting.


‘Did we do something wrong?’ She thought. After Yoohyeon’s leaving them and the group as well, not only Minji was devastated and disappointed, but it did affect her father and her wife, Miss Hara too and the company. Yoohyeon was such an amazing artist. Was. Even though, Bora insisted to let her into the group since she shared that she used to sing and play instruments before, she could not deny the fact that she cannot outshine Yoohyeon’s talent. Definitely that was their gem.


And so they wait, after five minutes sitting in an awkward silence, Mr. Kim entered the dressing room with wide smile on his face.












“Wait! Are you sure, Dad?” Minji said in shock, trying to comprehend what her father just told them as he nodded.


“That place is our home, Dad. Damn! Yoohyeon, you’re one slick idiot girl. Imagine I’d always come back there in hope to even meet her and guess what, I haven’t even saw her shadows there! Aissshhhh” Bora exclaimed slamming her hands on the table in front of them making Minji and Siyeon flinch.


Minji sighed deeply before she sadly spoke out. ‘Maybe she just didn’t want to see us, Bora” Even though she was excited for the news but something inside was telling her not to expect too much. Expecting she meant by Yoohyeon’s loyal heart.


“Well, girls. It’s time for you to face your long awaited person. Tell her I said ‘Hi’” Mr. Kim said, giving them a weak smile. Then after, his figure left them with some good news. Minji sighed so deep and chucked as tears falling down her cheeks.


“EH! You heard father. Let’s face her and…. SMACK that head of hers. AISSSS Yoohyeon!” Bora exclaimed making both Siyeon and Minji giggled at her.


The journey towards Yoohyeon’s place was rather a silent ride and a very good feeling for the three girls. Bora was indeed

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