Mr. Kim's Truth

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 The sky was getting dark and Minji was accompanied by the sound of her phone echoing inside her office. She answered the call from her brother.

"Jiu, are you still in your office?" Taehyung's voice was concerned. Minji let out a heavy sigh before she responded.

"Yes, I will be finishing these papers before going home. Why'd you call Tae? Is there something wrong, you sound worried" Minji asked and dropped her pen when a knock on the door was heard. She barely heard Taehyung on the phone who was screaming to wait for him inside her office.

"Tae, I'm gonna call you back, okay?" Minji ended the call without letting  her brother finished what he was going to say. She came towards her office door slowly and opened the door as the person knocking was not able to open it.

"Minji? Are you there?" She was puzzled. That deep male voice was so familiar to her. It was late, and usually her father did not come to her office this late. He rarely do it and when he do, he was just checking on updates regarding this side of his business.

So, she was confused as to why all of a sudden, her father showed up in front of her office door in this late hour. Probably that's why Taehyung was screaming on the phone to warn her, somehow but then she slowly opened the door and was welcomed by her father's embrace so tight she was longing for it for a very long time. Her father's warm embrace felt so euphoric that she held on for so long just to feel like it was real. And it was real when she heard his voice again.

"Minji-ah, you okay?" He said genuinely, still hugging his daughter.

"Uhm, yes sir. Uhm... if you want some updates... regarding the progress of our project, I'm working on it, s-sir" she stuttered, trying to hold back her tears. Her father pulled away from the hug then she realized, he shed some tears as he was wiping it with his handkerchief.

"No, I'm here to check on you, if you are okay. I heard what happened. The head director tried to harass you. He is such an for doing that to my daughter" He said making Minji burst down in tears for the reason that her father called her his daughter after such a very long time.

It felt surreal for the girl who was on the ground, crying out if happiness.

"Minji? What's wrong?" Mr. Kim bend down to his knees to join comfort his child. He wrapped his hands again to Minji as she sobbed even more.

"I'm sorry, Sir. Uhm, it's just the first time in a long time you called me a daughter and hugging me like I am your child." she confessed, sniffing.

"Minji, I know I've been too harsh on you for years. I just did not know how to face you. I wanted you all to be safe without letting you know what I got into. So, I was really worried when I heard the situation. I thought you got hurt. Do not call me Sir, Minji. I’m still your father” He looked at her daughter, genuinely.

“S-sir, Papa, I think it’s time for us to know the truth.” Minji was desperate to know how it boiled down to a situation they were in. Her sister was taken away and the sudden change of her father’s personality. He must have a deep reasons.

He held her daughter’s hands and told her his truth.


Mr. Kim Seokjin’s Story (Seokjin's Narration)

I have two old friends, Kim Sean and Kim Jimin. We were partners in business for how many years, we hang out when we like to and talk about business things. Sean is a polite and the wisest among us three. He is handling multiple branches of food chains and actually he decided to merge it with my business a long time ago. And there's Jimin, funny and smart and a loving father but he was kind of controlling towards his daughter afraid that he will lose his just as the same fate as his wife. He is into real estate business.

Sean is having a baby in her wife's belly, I remembered he was so happy to tell us both about it. And I also shared that my wife's going to have a baby as well. Your sister. We shared our thoughts about our family, we even joked about arranging a marriage but Jimin was totally against it. He wanted his daughter to love whoever she wants but ironically that man just have the tendencies to suffocate his daughter's life.

But one night, Sean hosted a party, celebrating his huge success in putting up another branch of his food chain. I didn't drink much because I had to go home to my family. And when I went to the restroom, his wife came to me, confessed that she had feelings for me. I was so surprised she started to say crazy things like 'she can't live without me' I can't process those words because she has a husband who loves her so much and a baby to look forward to. And I have a family that I love so much more than my life.

As I was about to leave the restroom to give space between us, she pulled out a knife, pointing it to her belly. Upon seeing it, I hurriedly went towards her to stop her and she did drop the knife but then she kissed me, suddenly. I was surprised so I pushed her away. She was on the floor, grinning at me and laughed maniacally before she ended her life with the knife on floor.

Sean, then came into the restroom and saw his wife on the floor, lifeless while me was just sitting there on the corner still in shock. I tried to save her life despite what she did to me, Minji but I was just too little too late.

Sean was so mad at me, he blamed me for his wife's death. A knife was beside me, so he blatantly thought I killed her wife and the baby

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