The Audition

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Yoohyeon was both anxious and excited in joining an audition with her friends, Siyeon and Bora. The mixed feelings were giving her doubts but at the same time giving her an essence in life of a newfound opportunity.

She was looking at ceiling wandering in a sea of thoughts while still hugging her pillows in between her thighs with big sized pajamas. She flinched at the sound of her alarm, which was unusual for her to wake up before the alarm does the primary job for her, waking up from the loud sound from it. She groaned and lazily got up from her precious bed, getting ready for work.

She walked towards the shop, opened the door and was shocked at the person hugging her, congratulating her in advance. She was dazed and couldn't react from the sudden and shocking gesture of the avid customers of the shop. She couldn't process what was happening at the moment but she was glad that there are so many people supporting her.

"You're gonna rock it, Yoohyeonie" An old woman in her mid forties named, Annie cheering her. She hugged the woman, genuinely smiled at her before looking for her friends who were inside the kitchen, heard their laughs while doing their morning routine, dishes.

"Who tried to tell all the morning customers for our audition?" Yoohyeon asked in confusion, raising one eyebrow while crossing her arms and tapping her feet. She was waiting for the response and both Siyeon and Bora tried to ignore the silver haired girl by walking out of the kitchen. But Yoohyeon was fast in her reflexes and blocked their ways, tilting her head with the same wide eyed expression.

"It was her" The both said in unison while pointing their fingers at each other. Yoohyeon narrowed her eyes and scoffed, putting her things on the chair behind her friends back beside the sink.

"Who's who?" Yoohyeon was getting annoyed and the two person inside the kitchen were quite nervous and motioned the younger girl on a chair for an expalanation. Yoohyeon rolled her eyes, slouching her back.

"Alright, when you sent us the text that you're going to audition with us, we were actually happy and excited." Siyeon started while taking a look on Bora to continue, the latter lets out a heavy sigh.

"Aaaaaand, we accidentally told everyone this morning. They were happy for you" Bora said in excited tone and Yoohyeon was in shock on how ridiculous her friends are.

"Accidentally? It's like you took a megaphone and told everyone on this shop" Yoohyeon stated in an annoyed voice while pouting.

"Bora herself is a megaphone" Siyeon commented, laughing at her own joke and received a hard smack on her right shoulder from the small girl. Yoohyeon, on the other hand, couldn't help but chuckled at the sudden comment from her friend, Siyeon.

"Yeah, Bora is loud"

"Hey, I was not paid enough to receive such bad compliment!" Bora yelled and the other two laughed more.

"Alright, enough with this bickering, we have so much thing to do for the day" Siyeon clapped her hands to indicate that they really need to move for work.

"And we have to practice for the few remaining days" Bora shouted from the counter. Yoohyeon and Siyeon both put their hands on their forehead at the loudness of their friend.

"Hope it went well" Yoohyeon thought and sighed, being hopeful.


"Hope it went well" Minji whispered to herself while looking at the busyness of the city through her office window. The steam of her coffee evaporating through her nose and could smell the aroma of the liquid in a cup.

Her father did not  visited her for the past months for the project she's recently working on so she couldn't  help to think that her father already gave up on her. But her heart did not want to gave up yet, not now that the event is already on its way.

"Everything will be great" She heard a voice that was much familiar to her.

"Brother" Minji turned around to face her brother who invited himself into her office and comfortably sits on her chair across her.

"I think father is proud of you, sis. I know deeply he is" Taehyung genuinely stated while crossing his legs and run her fingers on the pen on Minji's table.

"Is he? I don't know if he is. He's deeply despise me as her child" Minji tried to hold her tears, not wanting to let her brother see how weak she is. Taehyung stood up quickly as he can sense his sister had been trying to hold her tears. He wanted to comfort his little sister but hesitated knowing Minji wouldn't let him.

"Minji, I know that he is not that father he used to be but sis, I'll be here if you want someone to talk to. And you are doing great with this another pressure he gave you. I'll be here. Let me be your big brother again, let me in" Taehyung sighed waiting for Minji's response but to no avail, he just put his hand on Minji's right shoulder and walked out from her office, looking down.

Hearing her brother's exit, a tear streamed down on her left eye. She slightly turned her head to only saw the door closed with no trace of her brother's scent.

She clenched her fist not because she was mad at her brother or her father but she was mad at herself on how she turned out to be. She didn't clearly remembered the last time she was genuinely happy. Maybe it was because her mother disappeared or it's because the ending fights of her parents in front of her.

"I may be the reason why everything changed, drastically" She thought.

"How can I go back?"

"I wanted to go back to the innocent days"

"Where I can stretch the muscles of my face"

"For now, I wanted to make father proud and probably, gradually everything will go back on its proper place"

Minji shook her head to wipe away her thoughts, determined and focused in attaining the company's goal.

"Have confidence on yourself, Minji. You can do it" She whispered to herself and called one of her employees for an update of the audition event.


The mall were full of different people with aspiration of becoming a professional musician. The staffs from Kim Inc.-Entertainment Industry come together for this event that they had planned for months. The stage were pretty decorated, plastic flowers around with some balloons. The platform was big enough for the musicians to perform. Everything were organized, clearly organized. The people working knew what to do and the table where the registration in place was manned enough to avoid hassle and confusion. There were signages where to go and signed. There’s also a waiting room for the musician to stay while in apprehension.

Yoohyeon was appalled at the quantity and quality of the audition place. Lots of talented people come to fulfill their music endeavors, hopefully.

“This is huge. I don’t know what to say” The silver haired girl said still amazed.

“There’s no backing out, Yoohyeon. We practiced so hard for this one time opportunity. We don’t want to waste our energy just because we’re intimidated by the pe

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