Short Meeting

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Yoohyeon woke up with a loud knock on her door, stretching her body before going out from bed. She stomped on the way to the door and was welcomed by a glaring Bora. 

“B-Bora, you seemed uptight in the morning” Yoohyeon said, yawning and flinched when Bora pulled her aggresively inside her apartment. Her back was hit against her own chair and Bora’s eyes were fixed on her. 

“What are you thinking, Yooh?!! You got drunk and you just gone without telling me! Unbelievable! And I could not reach you. I was really worried” Bora yelled but softened when she saw Yoohyeon’s face in confusion. 

“Don’t give me that puppy confused eyes. Minji took you home safely, she texted me earlier” Bora sighed and cupped Yoohyeon’s face and stared at her. 

“She did?  I thought I was dreaming” Yoohyeon whispered and smiled at the thought. But Bora can clearly hear her and gave her a surprised look. 

“Hmm, yes she did. I think she had a hard time carrying your huge here. And you’re pretty annoying when you’re drunk” Bora rolled her eyes and added.

“And honest.” She said in a serious tone which made Yoohyeon furrowed her brows from thinking of what she might have said to the president. Probably some of her inner affection towards her. 

“Well, What’s up with you last night? I know you, something happened. Just tell me now, Yooh” Upon hearing those words Yoohyeon looked away and went to her fridge to get some water. She needed it because was dry and could not bring herself to tell Bora what her dad said to her. 

“You can’t just ignore my question, Yoohyeon. Stop it! Whatever it is, I am here to help, to support you! I am always here and it hurts me when you are being secretive to me!” Bora yelled out in frustration. She knew Yoohyeon too well and this is one of the things she hates about her, hiding something from her. 

“You wouldn’t understand, Bora” Yoohyeon whispered and a warm hand was felt on her shoulder who belongs to her childhood friend. 

“I wouldn’t understand, Yoohyeon if you don’t tell me. So please?” Bora softly said. Something about the small girl that made Yoohyeon felt safe and comfortable, she is her bestfriend, best buddy, best sister like she’d ever had in her life. 

A moment of silence but Bora waited for the younger girl to speak up. And then a loud sigh was heard as Yoohyeon turned around to look at her bestfriend and weakly smiled. 

“He knew im not taking business course, he knew i auditioned and he knew I got in. He knew and he’ll force us to go back home in three months. He knew when he mentioned you I couldn’t t say no because you’re very important to me, Bora. It’s my fault dragging you into this mess.” Yoohyeon quietly said as she looked down at the floor but Bora heard it all, even Yoohyeon mumbled some words, she would still understand. 

“Hey, it’s not your fault, you’re chasing what makes you happy and that’s valid.” Bora softly said, lifting Yoohyeon’s chin up and could see her eyes glistening. 

“No, i should have been careful. Now i’ll screw everyone around if i wont come back to him in three months” Yoohyeon frantically shook her head. 

“What about the contract? Minji will sue us” Bora sighed as they both knew it. 

“And that’s nothing compared to what my father is capable of. He’ll destroy Minji and probably Siyeon. I won’t let that happen Bora” Yoohyeon responded with a clenching fist, pouring all her anger and frustration. 

“Then I’ll come with you to end this. You know I always support you” Bora stated, making Yoohyeon shook her head in disagreement. 

“No, Bora. You’re happy here, amd I won’t bring you back with me to just suffer. I want you to be happy.” Yoohyeon responded, cupping the small girl’s face. 

“Yoohyeon, I get to choose and I choose you” Bora insisted as she weakly smiled. 

“And you’re just gonna leave everything behind just for me ? No, Kim Bora, I know you love Siyeon I can see it in your eyes and she makes you happy more than I could. Plus, you’re safe with her. Let me handle this myself, I created this mess then I’ll fix it” Yoohyeon raised her voice to make her point. The silver haired girl had always known Bora’s feelings towards her boss. The way she stared at her everytime Siyeon talks and everytime her eyes turned into a glaring look when she tried to flirt with the boss. Bora truly cared for Siyeon that the small girl wasn’t aware of her actions. She had a crush on Siyeon but Bora loved her more than she could. She knew that Bora tried to suppress her feelings towards Siyeon when she told her she had a crush on her. And Yoohyeon wouldn’t want to take that from her, Bora had already sacrificed too much for her. Siyeon is her happiness and she deserves her. 

“What?! No I am. N..” Bora was cut off by Yoohyeon’s finger on her lips. 

“Don’t you try deny it. You were holding back because of me that I had a crush on her. Bora, I looked up at Siyeon like she’s my sister. I am amazed of her that’s all. But you, deep inside I know you love her. So, go get her. This time I’ll support you” Yoohyeon said, pinching the small girl’s cheeks. 

“Yoohyeon... “ Bora tried to protest but Yoohyeon just wouldn’t let her. Yes, she always love Siyeon but this is not about Siyeon, this argument is about Yoohyeon’s situation. And she’s trying to change the subject. 

“Let’s stop talking about this. I’ll find a way, I promise.” Yoohyeon sighed as Bora nodded and hugged her friend. 

“But just know, you got my back, okay? “ 

“Of course” Yoohyeon enthusiastically said. 

“Get dressed, we still have work to do. And Sally informed us that we’ll have meeting with Minji after shift” Bora broke from the hug and smack Yoohyeon’s making the tall girl jumped in surprise. 

“Yes mom. Oh okay, and speaking of Minji I have to apologize I might probably throw up at her” Yoohyeon stated, scratching her head. 

“Probably? I think you did, you breath smells like I have to endure it for the past few minutes” Bora rolled her eyes and giggled. 

“Yah! Why are you two like that?” Yoohyeon whined. 


“Minji and now you too, commenting about how stink my breath in the morning” Bora laughed so hard at the sudden confession of her bestfriend. 

“Oh come on get ready, we’ll be late for work “ Bora yelled as Yoohyeon made her way to the shower. 

The silver haired girl took her towel and went to her apartment’s bathroom and could help but think about the events happened last night. 

“She stayed up late for me. Why would she do that?” 

“I messed up again. Why are we crossing paths like this, Minji?”

“Why am I having these thoughts of you, I could not explain”

“Your lips tastes like cherry”

“I kissed you and I’m an idiot for doing that”

“Yoohyeon, you’re so stupid. Why would you fall in love with someone that reminded of yourself. You hated yourself, right? And you’re helping her to change somehow and it worked. But why would you fall in love with her?” 

“Idiot idiot idiot” Yoohyeon mentally cursed herself while water runs through her skin. 

“It’s probably because of her smile” She chuckled at the thought. She truly loved Minji’s bright smile. 


Minji was in her office, looking through the window. Certain flashes of memories crept into her mind. One, Yoohyeon’s drunken state, her words and her soft lips that still lingered on hers. She touched it with fingers, reliving the moment of how bittersweet Yoohyeon’s lips taste. Because at that same moment, she couldn’t hold herself back from kissing the girl’s lips with her own. 

She could not believe herself she’d do that. But it’s Yoohyeon, the girl who made her feel some strange feelings. 

“Do I like her, just like she like me?”

“Or is it because of the desire that took place at that moment?” 

“But Minji, this is wrong. It’s wrong to feel this way” 

Her train of thoughts were interrupted by a familiar voice that entered her office, uninvited. 

“Thinking too muc

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