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Yoohyeon is true to what she promised. She will bring Minji to Miss Hara. She did not know what is the reason why, a president of a huge company wanted to meet the person who has a significant place in her life. 

After their small talk, Yoohyeon texted Miss Hara to meet up with her at Siyeon’s coffee shop for telling her the good news. And Miss Hara did not hesitate to say yes to the girl’s offer.

She smiled, and looked up at Minji who was evidently anxious. She gave her a reassuring smile and held her right hand. 

“Let’s go, this time we’re going to the coffee shop with your permission” Yoohyeon said, giggling. 

Minji knew what she meant by her statement as she was referring to the event took place a few months ago where the younger girl forcely dragged her into a club that eventually led her to slept next to her. And her life changed after that. She never had a long, casual, argument with a person outside work. 

This same girl will take her to the person she longed to see. If she is truly her mom. And plus, she was one of the reasons why Yoohyeon considered taking the audition in the first place. 

Minji just laughed a little and took her phone, send some messages to Susan that she will be going out for a while. 

“You were just so stubborn, I couldn’t say no” Minji said, letting out tiny laughs in between statement. 

Yoohyeon gazed at her, smiling. 

“You should smile more. You look prettier when you do” She uttered in whisper. Minji could not help but to notice how genuine her face when she said that. This girl is exceptional. She makes everything look easy and lightweight. She mentally said. 

“Let’s just go” the CEO shook her head and went towards the office door, slightly leaving Yoohyeon behind, narrowing her eyes at the president. 


They were at the ground floor of the company building, Minji who was walking in fast pace towards the company’s lobby door which makes Yoohyeon pondered. 

“Wait, are you going to call for a taxi or is your driver already—“ she was interrupted when Minji halted, furrowing her brows at her. 

She smiled. “I think it’s better to walk on the way to the coffee shop.” She reasoned, she likes walking in an empty street and probably because she was mentally and emotionally preparing for the meet up with Miss Hara. 

“Wow, I didn’t know a CEO likes to walk and I thought they were all cold, intimidating, all thoughts about business, time conscious and—“ She was interrupted once again with a finger shushing her talkative mouth as she widened her eyes in shock. 

“Not all.” She weakly smiled and held Yoohyeon’s warm hands almost dragging her. 

“Well, this is awkward.” Yoohyeon finally said after a five minute walking in total silence. 

“So, tell me. Why do you want to meet her” she jumped out in front of Minji, startling the latter. 

“Gosh, Yoohyeon, stop doing that. You almost scared me to death” Minji dramatically said while putting her hands on her chest, acted in surprise. 

“I’m just curious. You know aside from Siyeon, my boss, I’d never thought that I could talk to such a high class person like yourself. A CEO of a big company, having a normal conversation with a person working in a coffee shop—“ she stopped and recalled their first unexpectedly awkward meet up. 

“I mean except the first time we met, I just really thought you were an o—“ 

“Ordinary person? I’m trying to be. My life is basically a routine. I get up, go to work, go home and check some emails and rest. A boring cycle, I should say. I may be born in a wealthy family but I’m not happy” she sighed deeply and chuckled nervously. 

“Oh, sorry to hear that. Well, since we worked together now, I guarantee you we’ll have fun” to be honest, Yoohyeon did not know what to say as she tapped Minji’s back trying to atleast comfort the girl. 

“It’s fine. Well, I thi

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