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 Minji fidgeted her fingers against her office table, anxiously looking at her phone. She patiently waiting for a specific message from someone she met unexpectedly and now an undecided talent for their company.

"Why don't you just choose someone other than her, Minji. I mean, the board wouldn't be happy if you delayed the contract" Handong interrupted Minji's thoughts, sipping from her iced coffee.

Minji sighed in disappointment. "I still have three days to convince her, Dongie. After that, we'll go on with the other talents" She smiled weakly, still looking at her phone.

"It's been a week, Minji. Who even set that three day grace period, anyways? You were supposed to start working for the new label with that talent, right?" Handong asked in curiosity. Minji nodded, biting her lower lip indicating she was nervous.

"I did, I just want to give her some time to think. I mean, she's really talented and she want her friends to be in too but I don't want to break my father's order as I don't want him to be disappointed in me too. It's just so hard. Why everything's so hard for me?" Minji responded in verge of tears, Handong came to her and rubbed her back in comfort.

"Well, I do not know what this girl did to you. I can't deny the fact that she's talented but this is business, Minji and this isn't like you. Like, you were so firm with your decision. I bet this girl is different, isn't she?" Handong asked again, this time in a more concerned tone.

Minji nervously chuckled when she heard the word 'different'. She was confused as to why she was too drawn to that clumsy tall girl.

"I just think she could save the company. She's just amazingly talented." She responded, avoiding an eye contact at her friend, she didn't want to give her some hint that they once shared a bed.

"It's just my fathe-" She was cut off by a sudden entrance of a familiar figure. Her brother.

"I could help you with father, I'll try to convince him." Minji wanted to deny her brother's offer but he stopped her.

"Please, Minji. I insist. I wanted to help you. I know how important this company to you and I don't want you to lose it. Minji, please" Taehyung added pleadingly. It's been years that they don't have a proper conversation as siblings but all of their talk was about business. It's like Minji cut him off of her life.

"I don't want to bother you, Tae--" Once again, he cut her off.

"I said, I wanted to help you as a brother not just your business partner" Handong stood in an awkward disposition. This was the first time that the siblings have talk as a family.

"I should just go. You two talk." Handong exited leaving the two behind.

"Just let me do this, Jiu" Minji felt a knife pierced through her heart as she heard the nickname her mother gave her. Taehyung was worried as he saw her sister's tear fell down her cheeks.

"I just want mom back" Taehyung quickly hugged her sister in an embrace that she longed for. Minji hugged her brother back tightly and sobbed.

"I know. And please do not blame yourself. Mom wouldn't want to see you like this, I don't want to see you like this. I want us back, Minji."  Taehyung wiped her sister's tears with his thumb.

"Let's work together, alright? I love you, Jiu" He said and kissed her forehead like he used to when they were younger.

It's been years that Minji cried in her brother's embrace. And she just missed that feeling of comfort.


Yoohyeon was again in the counter taking orders from their customers with her enthusiatic demeanor. It's been a week since she met the president, and it's also been a week that the president went to their shop regularly to talk to her but to no avail, she just ignored her. Bora and Siyeon wondered why she is avoiding the intimidating girl.

"You know, Yoohyeon is being suspicious" Bora told Siyeon who was arranging the utensils in the kitchen.

"Why? She's still the Yoohyeon, I know. I mean, bubbly and very cheerful" Siyeon replied.

"No. I-well yes. I mean, she's just indifferent with that intimidating girl. And she's trying to avoid a conversation about that audition that she passed. Everytime I open it up, she just jump to another topic. I don't want to come like bothersome to her. Yoohyeon is really scary when she's angry and I don't want that to see it again" Bora sighed and groaned.

"She is? I don't think so. She's such an angel" Siyeon commented which makes Bora rolled her eyes.

"Just don't make her mad, she's uncontrollable when she is. She rarely does but she's just scary. If she wants to avoid a certain topic, don't insist anymore or you'll see her rage. Yeah, but I don't think this really bothers her but I just chose not to bother her, I do not know what's inside her head" Bora said in a concerned tone.

Siyeon widened her eyes. "She is? Okay then, I'll be careful, don't worry" She winked at Bora and the small can't help but to be melted at the wolf eyes her boss has.

Siyeon nudged Bora and poin

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