Company dinner

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Minji took a run around the park in Seoul to release some stress not only from work but also to her personal life as well. There were a lot of new information for her to take in and processing it was so hard for her. One, the truth that she has a sister, an unexpected plot twist of her life. She really thought she was dead long time ago. Two, her own father keep the truth from them, and beats up her own wife. Third, her lil sister is the main reason why her mother abandoned them to find her and now she has been found, she has the reason to smile again. Lastly, a question that lingers on her mind, a question which started it all: what is the debt her father indebted to? And to whom?

She wanted her mom to continue but these information were overwhelming her. And she promised her mom to keep it from her brother, especially from her father. Her mother told her that if he knew, he will try to separate them again from her sister and so she agreed. 

She shook the many thoughts on her mind and focused her on the surroundings, appreciating the fresh air but someone caught her eye, the person who’s pretty much familiar to her: Yoohyeon. 

She smiled but her face quickly turned into frown when she saw how serious and focus Yoohyeon is doing some little punches and kicks. 

“She’s doing martial arts?” She whispered to herself. She was not used seeing this side of her. She’s always that girl who smiles brightly like the sun but now, she can see her eyes were dark as night as she punched some in the air. It was unusual and mysterious. 

“I can’t tell her, yet” she mentally stated as she looked down and set foot forward to run but she was stopped when someone called out her name. 

“Kim Minji!” She looked back, and there it is again: that smile. Those dark eyes were replaced with an eye smile that melted her heart once, the day when they first met. 

The girl hopped towards her and when she was in proximity, she can hear her panting. 

“Are you stalking me? Hmm” Yoohyeon confidently said with a smirk plastered on her face, receiving a glare from the president. 

“No! I’m just here for a run” she said, raising her voice. Yoohyeon pouted at the statement of the girl. 

“I’m kidding. Well, I can’t wait for the dinner tonight” Minji just nodded and could see the excitement in Yoohyeon’s eyes. 

“See you there” Minji responded. 

“Uhm, I saw you doing some high kicks, you do martial arts?” The president asked and she heard Yoohyeon’s nervous laugh, and fiddled her fingers. 

“Yeah I do” She answered, scratching her head, knowing that the president probably saw her so focused and serious earlier. 

“Okay, that’s nice. So when someone come at you, you can defend yourself” Minji stated, smiling weakly at the younger girl. 

Yoohyeon shyly smiled, remembering the event that happened a year ago where she almost lost her will to play music. She was scared for her life. That man was surely sent by her father to get her back home, pretending to hit the woman to get her attention that day. She was sure that man is in jail and fired by her father for causing her so much pain. 

“You’re thinking too much, Yoohyeon-ah” Minji put her hand on Yoohyeon’s shoulder which made the latter nervously looked at her. Yoohyeon didn’t realize she was lost in the moment. 

Her eyes were blinking too much from the memory she wanted to forget. 

“Uhm just remembered something” she  was rambling and was quite surprised at how Minji called her name. She sounded concerned. 

“Well, I can’t wait for tonight. Let’s get drunk hehe. I’m kidding” Yoohyeon joked as she again scratched her neck, receiving a nod from the older girl. 

“I gotta run. See you” Minji continue her run leaving Yoohyeon watching her gradually lost in her sight. She widely smiled how fate made them meet even in just little encounters. Her thoughts were interrupted with a vibrate of phone: an unknown number. 

She scoffed for the reason that she knew who it is, she was pretty much familiar with the phone number even though she changes phone multiple times, she memorized it vividly: Her father’s phone number. 

She sighed but answered the call.

“Father” she started. She can her a loud sigh from the other line before her dad spoke. She didn’t know if he’s mad or missed her but it’s the former. 

“Yoohyeon, come home. I know you’re not taking up the business course but instead you auditioned to...” Yoohyeon interrupted and sarcastically laugh. 

“I’m doing this for myself, dad. Why can’t you just support me? Is it that hard ?? I don’t wanna meddle with your business, cause I don’t like it. You saw me that I tried but you keep on pushing to my limits, dad to the point I almost lose myself. Dad, please...” she heard her father yelled on the other line. She put her phone an inch away from her ear to avoid the loudness of his voice. 

“If you don’t come back here in three months, I will force you and Bora out of there!” 

“Fine, just like what you did to me a year ago. Fine!! Kill me instead!for ’s sake, dad” Yoohyeon hissed, breathing heavily out of anger. 

“Kim Yoohyeon! In three months!” Yoohyeon rolled her eyes and decided to end the call. Then kicked the nearby plant in the park, clenching her fist as a tear fell do

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