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It was already dark when both Yoohyeon and Minji silently walked towards the former’s home. There’s just so many unspoken feelings that needed to be told. But both their company was enough to feel the presence of each other.

It was rather a comfortable silence, despite the hurt caused by an unfortunate event that happened four years ago. Maybe it was the longing that speaks to temporarily forget the pain of the past.

“Yoohyeon… uhm” Minji started as Yoohyeon quickly turned her head at the girl beside her as she hummed in response. She waited for her to say next but she can sense that the girl was tense so, she held Minji’s hand in comfort whom the latter was stunned at the sudden gesture of the girl. Yoohyeon made her feel at ease. Made. But somehow, after all these years, she still makes her at ease.

“uhm… sorry I shouldn’t have” Yoohyeon quickly let go of her hand and fasten her pace giving a little distance from the surprised Minji. One time she said her nickname and now this.

“What are you doing, Yoohyeon?! The was that?!”

“This is not like before, Yoohyeon. You hurt the girl and you’re leading her on!”

“But I can’t help it”

“I still ing love her”

Her train of thoughts as she cursed at herself were interrupted by a little tap on her shoulders and a panting from the girl. She spun around and was only caught up staring straight at Minji’s worried orbs.

“Yah! Don’t leave me like that, Yoohyeon. You okay?” Minji asked worriedly. Yoohyeon widened her eyes at the mention of the word ‘leave’.

“Why are you like this, Minji?” Yoohyeon asked almost in a whisper. She wondered why this girl she always loved who she ended up caused pain in her heart was still clinging to her like nothing happened. She should’ve hated her to the point she didn’t want to see nor be near at her presence.

As Minji was about to respond, unexpectedly, rain poured hard as well Minji’s tears falling along with the raindrops. Even herself, could not be mad at Yoohyeon. She just did not know the reason why.

As much as Yoohyeon wanted some answers, she took Minji’s wrist and dragged her running towards her home. Not even looking at the girl who she definitely knew who was cr

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minjibunny #1
Chapter 26: that’s okay! take all the time you need! i’m really looking forward to the next chapter even if it’s after a year or something :)
Chapter 26: No problem, author-nim. Take your time. Always take care! 🙂
wenrene012 #3
Chapter 25: Oh noooo minji :( i'm really curious of what happened. Take your time author! But hopefully we can get answers as to what happened years ago~
Chapter 24: I enjoyed reading your story! Can't wait for the next update 🙂
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I've been waiting for this! Thanks so much for updating~ Hoping for more update soon! I'm deprived of jiyoo fic lmaooo
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Chapter 24: Always happy about a new chapter 😁😊
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Chapter 24: I totally enjoyed this. Can't wait for the next chapter.
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