SiYooRa's Busking

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The Kims Incorporated comprises of an entertainment and manufacturing industry owned by Kim Seokjin. He has two children and he designate his children to each type of business industry. 

Kim Taehyung, CEO of Kims Manufacturing, Inc. He is very professional and serious about his work. But employees are very fond of him, he is very generous and approachable. He is not the type of boss who lashes out everytime an employee made a mistake but rather talk in a private room. He take good care of what his father given to him to manage: The Manufacturing of Shoes that is patronize by a lot Korean citizen which makes it more successful than the entertainment side of the business. He is not that close with her sister who manage the entertainment industry of her father's company but he deeply cared for her, but she shut people out trying to impress her father. 

Kim Minji, CEO of Kims Entertainment Industry Corp. (KEIC) Just her brother, Kim Taehyung, she is professional and so serious about her job. She often seen by her employees still working in her office overtime just to finish some paperworks. Her employees never seen her outside aside from doing business trips making a deal with different businessmen. There were rumours that Kim Minji used to have a bubbly personality, she would go around the building meeting and greeting new people. Some of the employees who's loyal to the company would say that Kim Minji was a child full of curiosity but everything changes during her teenage years, when her mother disappeared without leaving any traces and that it saddened their father. Until now, they do not know the reason why her mother disappeared. Minji was the most affected by the sudden disappearance of her mother to the point that she changed her bubbly personality to a sullen emotionless persona. Her father pressured the young minds of his children to a more mature and taught them about their business rather than having a normal teenage life. Taehyung wouldn't understand it at first but later on, he was getting used to it. Minji, on the other hand, was submissive to her father and do what her father wants for her. During her teenage years, she always compared herself from her brother on why their father was always favored him other than her. So, as time passes by, Minji always do her best to get her father's attention by taking the entertainment business of her father, even though he initially assigned to Taehyung but Minji insisted to take over since it was sentimental to her. Taehyung paved the way and accepted the other line of business which is the Shoes Manufacturing. 

The employees of the Kims Entertainment Industry Corp. are really worried since the company is slowly losing its sales for the past few months and it anger Mr. Kim. 

"Minji, find a way to keep the company on its peak or I will disown you" Mr. Kim yelled at her daughter and attempted to slapped her but Taehyung stopped him. 

"Dad, give Minji a chance. There are just so many entertainment industries in Korea and they are a top tier" Taehyung softly said which makes his father calmed down. Minji, was quiet and putting her head down. A lot of mixed emotions have felt: Anger and Disappointment. 

"I will find a way, Dad. I will get KEIC back on track" Minji monotonously said, looking away from her father. 

"You should be! Why do I even listened to you in the first place. The proceeds from that business should have been put in our Manufacturing business and focused more to it when that industry is falling apart. Look at where we are now, still on the verge of getting your business stand up on its own" Her father exclaimed glaring at her still her head down, clenching her fist. 

Mr. Kim sighed deeply. "Find an artist that would bring new tea on the table, not just a commoner. If you find that, I'll change my mind to not abolish your business and disown you as my daughter, I'll give you 3 months to find the gem" Minji nodded, blinking her eyes in shock at the statement of her father as he walked out from the room while Taehyung worriedly walk towards their furious father, trying to change his mind. But Minji knows that her father keeps his words. 

She hold a meeting with her staff in her conference room about planning to find the perfect person for the job. She rarely holds meetings like this and it surprised her staff at the sudden conference meeting. 

Minji seated in front looking around, poker face while clasping her hands. She take a deep breath and starts talking. 

"Alright, we all know that KEIC is not in good condition right now, and we need to act as soon as possible to keep this company and to keep your jobs" Minji said in serious tone. The employees are not used to their CEO speaking the words. 

"We need to find an artist that would bring us back on track. I n

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