JiYoo's First Meet Up

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Yoohyeon still could not believe that she played again after months of being unable to. She look at her left hand clenching it and smiled as she remembered how she got a broken hand and decided not to sing nor play the guitar because of frustration and disappointment. 


Yoohyeon was in a night shift of Siyeon's cafe', seeing Yoohyeon's talent, her boss given her a chance to sing during the night with her guitar, sometimes with her bestfriend, Bora. The silver haired girl felt so good when she is performing, since she makes people happy with her talent. She would always prepare five songs every night to perform and she's never getting tired of it and wanted more. Siyeon, on the other hand, really admire the younger girl's passion for music and that she even tried to convince her audition to an entertainment company but Yoohyeon would always respond that she is contented of where she is and she is joyful everytime she makes people happy and to somehow connect with people. The silver haired girl always loved being with people and listening to their life stories even though she just met them. Siyeon admired that about Yoohyeon, she always told her that if she's going to be in a relationship, the guy or girl would be so lucky to have her. 

"No, boss. I still loved being single. I get to interact with more people without someone controlling me. But if I'm ready for commitment, I would definitely date someone. So, don't worry about me" Yoohyeon said in an enthusiastic voice while crunching the nose of Siyeon. 

But something happened during that night that would change Yoohyeon's life. She was cleaning the table when she noticed a quiet commotion outside, she stopped what she's currently doing and check what is happening in front of Siyeon's cafe'. 

She was surprised as she could see a man beating up a woman who's clothes are torn and seemed to homeless. She interrupted, hoping to stop the man beating up the poor woman with his baseball bat.

She pondered. "How come a man use his strength for the poor woman he barely knew"

"Mister!" She shouted. The man looked up to her and narrowed his eyes, like he was getting cut in by his business. He smirked at the younger girl who looked terrified. Yoohyeon stepped back as the man approached her slowly while dragging the woman beside him. 

"Yeah? What are you gonna do, little girl? I was just going to take what's mine" The man said in a menace voice as Yoohyeon looked at the woman with a beautiful necklace on her hand, struggling from the grip of the evil man. 

"I don't think that's yours, Mister. You tried to rob her. Just because of her appearance, you're just gonna do whatever you want to do? Not here, Mister. Just let go of the woman and find a decent job. Looks like you're a person who takes free ride" Yoohyeon said insulting the man. She covered and took another step backward. 

She made the man angry as he swings the bat towards her but she managed to dodge before it hits her body. The older woman was now in front of Yoohyeon as she genuinely smiled at her, but minutes later the man took another attempt to hit the woman, but the silver haired girl immediately pulled the woman to her back, and instead she was the one who got hit on her left shoulders as she winced in pain and supported her body with her left hand. The woman saw it and ran towards the man attacking him by jumping on his back and pulled his hair tightly and even bit his ear with her teeth. 

Yoohyeon saw that the older woman dropped the necklace with a moon and sun pendant on it, she picked it up with her right hand but as she reached for the thing, the man took a glimpse and used his strength to yanked out the woman from his body and attempted to swing his bat to Yoohyeon but the woman kicked his groin and the man groaned in pain. But the man wasn't finished yet, he saw the woman went to Yoohyeon for support, she attempted another swing towards the two, attacking them again, this time Yoohyeon wasn't fully aware of the attack and could only hear the man screaming and as she turned around, she saw the man coming at them with his bat aiming at their direction, only to realize that she covered her face with her left hand and got hit by the bat pretty badly. 

Yoohyeon could not fathom what happened, as she didn't felt pain from the impact of the bat on her left hand as she looked at it, smiled and collapsed on the ground. 

There were so many things on her mind during that incident. 

"My arm is totally fine. It's totally fine"

"Would I be able to play again?"

"I couldn't play without my arm. I couldn't sing without my guitar"

"My life is ruined"

"Oh, the woman, is she fine?"

Her train of thoughts were interrupted by a loud crying voice coming from her bestfriend, Bora. 

"Yoohyeon, wake up, bud. I still have so many nagging episodes for you" Bora said in a crying voice. Yoohyeon chuckled on her mind at the statement of her bestfriend. She opened her eyes and saw Bor

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