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Moon Byulyi, one of the most renowned surgeons at Seoul National Hospital, is known as a player, getting her way with numerous doctors and nurses. She’s dedicated to her work but cold and heartless, a complete mystery to her colleagues. A fateful meeting with a patient with heart disease shakes her up, her once wild lifestyle comes to a complete stop as problem after problem presents itself. Will Byul be able to keep her cool admist this chaos or will she fall victim to her own shortcomings?


This is my first time writing a hospitalau so if there are any mistakes regarding medical terminology or procedures please be aware that I am not at all a doctor or health professional and this is all just made up. This story is actually based off the webtoon by Ratana Satis, Pulse! I wanted to do a moonsun version of it and borrowed a few scenes, especially the first few chapters. I just liked the flow of the first few chapters leading up into how things play out, Ratana Satis does a great job of this. I'll try my best to write it to the most accurate version I can with my own twists!  


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